Word of the day – siroter

The French word siroter means to sip or savour and is used in informal settings. In French definitions of this word include: boire lentement, en dégustant, and boire à petites gorgées, which, along with boire à petits coups, is also a more formal version of siroter.

Here are some examples of usage:

  • Nous avons siroté un verre d’Armagnac – We savored a glass of Armagnac
  • Si tu sirotes le café, tu l’apprécieras mieux – If you sip the coffee, you’ll enjoy it more
  • Il sirote son vin – He’s sipping / savouring his wine

siroter de l’eau à la paille – to sip water through/with a straw

Related words and phrases include:

  • siroteur/siroteuse – sipper / one who sips/savours
  • boire – to drink; déguster – to taste; savourer – to savour; apprécier – to appreciate
  • il a bu une petite gorgée – he took a little sip
  • voulez vous une petite gorgée de rhum? – would you like a sip of rum?
  • boire à grand bruit – to slurp
  • boire comme un trou – to drink like a fish (lit. “drink like a hole)