American vs British English, the war rages on

British comedian David Mitchell, best known for his role in cult British TV show Peep Show as well as being a frequent guest on panel quiz shows, is also famous for his wit and bile-fuelled rants about society in general. His “David Mitchell’s Soap Box” series has gained quite a bit of fame on YouTube.

Though he seems like the kind of person who would have only distaste for American culture, he is actually pretty forgiving of the intricacies of American English and the liberties Americans have taken with the Brits’ precious language. However, there are some that (in my opinion quite justifiably) fuel his ire, namely “I could care less”, and “hold down the fort”. Take a look at the video for yourself:

I actually made the exact same point (as have many other bloggers) about “could care less” in a previous post. Please, let’s all band together and eradicate this pointless, nonsensical warped phrase from the English language!