5 Great Podcasts to Increase Your Language Skills During Quarantine

This coronavirus crisis has everybody glued to their screens. So much so that entertainment giants Netflix are capping video quality in many countries to prevent the collapse of local telco networks. But too much screen time can have a negative impact on your brain, eyes, and mood. So, if you want to rest your eyes but still do something productive while in quarantine, listening to podcasts in a foreign language can be a great way to stay informed and entertained while taking your language listening skills to the next level. Here are 5 great podcasts to increase your language skills during this quarantine!


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Easy French Poetry


Language: French

Level: Beginner


Are you a poetry fan? Would you like to know more about the French language by listening to beautiful poems? Then this is the podcast for you. Easy French Poetry features famous and unknown authors alike. After reading a poem, they devote some time to analyzing its structure and rhyme.


So, you’ll learn to appreciate poetry like never before while appreciating the French language from an entirely new perspective. For example, you’ll understand that “Le Chêne et le Roseau” by Jean de la Fontaine is actually a fable in the form of a poem. And the best part is that the poem is read very slowly and articulately, so the podcast is suitable for beginner levels looking for new and creative ways to expand their vocabulary and understanding of French culture!



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Language: Spanish

Level: Intermediate


Practice your Spanish by listening to amazing podcasts, like Nómadas, which broadcasts every weekend and gives tips and recommendations to digital nomads and travelers. From city guides to the best places to eat, you will explore new locations without leaving your home! Plus, the podcast can be incredibly helpful when creating your own travel itinerary for future trips (once our respective quarantines and orders to self-isolate are over). The pace is fast and the hosts use a lot of slang and informal expressions, so the podcast is more suitable for intermediate Spanish students.


5 Minute Italian


Language: Italian

Level: Advanced


If you would like to practice your listening skills every day but don’t have a lot of spare time, then 5 Minute Italian is a great podcast to follow. As its name describes, this podcast only lasts 5 minutes and is intended for English speakers learning Italian. For instance, they feature common mistakes made by language learners, presented with a humorous twist. The hosts speak very quickly and uses complex vocabulary, so the podcast is definitely for advanced students who want to polish their skills and sound natural when speaking Italian!



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Slow Chinese


Language: Mandarin Chinese

Level: Beginners


Mandarin Chinese can be a nightmare to learn, especially if you are an English speaker. As it’s a tonal language, words can mean entirely different things depending on their pronunciation. For example, “ma” can mean “horse” or “mother,” so you don’t want to get them mixed up! Start refining your listening skills in Mandarin by listening to podcasts like Slow Chinese. Each show lasts just ten minutes and, obviously, the speakers speak at a very slow pace, which makes the podcast perfect for beginners! Not only will you put your skills to practices, but you’ll also learn a lot about cultural differences between China and the West.


The Universe

Language: Arabic

Level: Intermediate


These audio-only episodes can help train your ear to understand different Arabic dialects, making them the perfect addition to your language lessons. Furthermore, you’ll learn a lot about the universe! This podcast covers astronomy, astrophysics, discoveries, expeditions, and more! The language it’s quite difficult at times (though it’s a great opportunity to acquire some specific terms) but the host has a calm voice and a slow pace, so you’ll never feel stressed out when listening to these episodes.


From learning new words and phrases to proper pronunciation, these podcasts can help you sound like a native speaker in no time. Plus, you’ll learn interesting facts and ideas beyond your target language, like the structure of poems, what is going on with space exploration, the best cities to visit around the world, and more! Get started with these podcasts to increase your language skills and impress your friends and family with your proficiency!


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