The The Impotence of Proofreading


A pretty witty 3 and a half minute skit about the importance (or impotence) of proofreading - possibly not safe for work (a little bit of coarse language), but very funny!

"Do yourself a flavor and follow these two Pisces of advice: one, there is no prostitute for careful editing of your own work - no prostitute whatsoever; and three, when it comes to proofreading, the red penis your friend."

There's a serious point here - always proofread your work! You can sometimes be surprised at the avoidable errors you can find just by reading something through for a second time, and Word's autocorrect is certainly not infallible. This is particularly true when learning a new language and jotting down information for the first time - it makes it very easy to get yourself into bad habits early on.

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