Why It Can Be Better to Learn Chinese as an Adult (Part II)

Travel and Talk

When you learn a language as a youngster one of the biggest problems is that you need to wait on your parents or other people to give you a chance to travel and practice. This can be hugely frustrating and I remember giving up on French because I was fed up with only being able to listen to those awful cassettes (yes, it was a while ago since you ask) and never having a decent conversation with anyone. The good news is that you can now find a great place to take Chinese lessons in Toronto or anywhere else in North America and then set about practicing right away. Obviously you can either do this on a gloriously memorable trip to China or else by checking out some local events in the nearest Chinese community to you.

Don’t Give Up

Research shows that younger people can learn a new language more easily but they also give up more easily, don’t they? Those with a particularly short attention span move from asking “Where can I take Chinese classes in Toronto?” to “When will you buy me a PlayStation 7?” to “Chinese and PlayStation are so 2012” in a matter of days. An adult who has seriously thought about what the Chinese language could mean to them is more likely to knuckle down and get seriously studying. It won’t be easy but as a grown up you will already know that it is going to take time and dedication. With a top tutor you can enjoy the process and take pleasure from every positive step forward you take.