Did you know?

Source: sentex.net

Here are a few interesting language facts…

Did you know that English is the only language that capitalises the first person singular (I)? No other language does this. Does anybody know why this is?

Did you know that there are more English speakers in China than in the USA? Sometimes I forget just how many people there are in China!

Did you know that in almost every language in the world, the word for ‘mother’ begins with an m sound? Is this because it’s often a baby’s first sound?

Did you know that in some Eskimo languages, a single noun can have around 1,000 different forms? That’s going to be a lot of homework.

Did you know that around one quarter of the world’s languages are spoken by under 1,000 people? Also, about 175 languages in the world are spoken by fewer than ten people each. That’s a lot of languages…