As easy as…

When something is very easy, you can say that it’s as easy falling off a log, or as easy as pie, ABC, 123, taking candy from a baby, or shooting fish in a barrel. You can also say that it is a piece of cake or no sweat.

It’s pretty interesting to compare these with some of the equivalent expressions in other languages:

  • Belarusian – Проще пареной репы (Prošče parenoj repy) – simpler than a stewed turnip
  • Chinese – 易如反掌 (yì rú fǎnzhǎng) – as easy as turning your hand over
  • Croatian – Dječja igra – Child’s play / Prosto k’o pekmez – Simple as jam
  • Danish – Så nemt som at klø sig i nakken – as easy as scratching one’s neck
  • Dutch – Kinderspel – child’s play
  • French – les doigts dans le nez – (as easy as sticking) your fingers in your nose
  • Indonesian – semudah membalikkan telapak tangan – as easy as turning your palm around
  • Italian – facile come bere un bicchier d’acqua – as easy as drinking a glass of water / è un gioco da ragazzi – it’s a kid’s game
  • Portuguese – É canja – it’s chicken soup
  • Swedish – Lätt som en plätt – as easy as a small pancake
  • Welsh – mor hawdd ag anadlu – as easy as breathing