6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Luxembourg to Reinvigorate Your Language Learning Passion

It’s no secret that the world is chock full of interesting, beautiful, and inspiring places to visit. Often, the most difficult question to answer is not whether to travel, but where.

If you find yourself fortunate enough to face this kind of problem, evaluating your travel priorities is always a good place to start. Perhaps you want to dine in the finest restaurants, view the seven wonders, or just go somewhere completely different from everything you know. Or, perhaps your priority is to reinvigorate (or invigorate for the first time) your language learning passion. After all, few language motivations are as good as actually going somewhere and falling in love with the culture.

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If rediscovering a passion for French, German, or English is your travel priority this time around, consider making a visit to Luxembourg. Here are 6 amazing reasons why it should sit at the top of your travel list if you’re interested in languages:

1. It’s the perfect blend of French, Belgian, and German cultural influence.

Sounds great, right? You bet it does. Given Luxembourg’s proximity to Germany, France, and Belgium, it’s brimming with these cultures’ likenesses. And, we have to say, it does very well at combining these wonderful travel destinations into one soulful country.

2. The population speaks Luxembourgish, French, German, and largely English, making it an ideal place to practice many languages.

Maybe you know all of these languages or none, but regardless, it’s a great place to practice several languages at one time.

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3. The country is easy to get to within Europe.

Given its near-perfectly centralized location within Europe, Luxembourg is a great destination to stop off for the weekend, or it can serve as your “touch down” point in Europe while you explore several nearby countries.

4. You can see the sights quickly, leaving more time for language practice.

Luxembourg – particularly Luxembourg City – is small enough to see fairly quickly, but wonderful enough to enjoy for many days. But, sometimes less is more, and Luxembourg does “less” very well. In addition, because it’s possible to see the sights and acquaint yourself with the city easily, this leaves even more time to get cozy at a restaurant and practice, practice, practice.

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5. Luxembourg holds great importance as the EU’s financial hub, which provides multicultural inspiration.

As mentioned, Luxembourg is centrally located within Europe, which makes it ideal as the economic powerhouse of the European Union. This creates a unique atmosphere of multiculturalism (as well as multilingualism, obviously) that provides a fantastic setting for learning or practicing languages. It’s also a great place to go to learn about Europe and glean further travel inspiration.

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6. People are generally friendly and helpful toward language practice.

Due to the financial aura of Luxembourg, its multiculturalism, and more, its residents are generally more than happy to practice whichever of “their” languages you feel like. They may start out speaking French, hear your English accent and switch to English, then detect that you also speak German and are wanting to practice. All of this can be exchanged in a matter of minutes while doing something as small as ordering coffee. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind place to explore, sight-see, and learn.

Which places inspire you to continue your language learning journey? Tell us in the comments!