5 Reasons Why You Should Speak Spanish in the Workplace


We’ve all heard employers say that they favor prospective employees who speak at least one second language. In many countries, a fluent knowledge of Spanish is in especially high demand given the high levels of Hispanic immigrants from Spain and Latin America seeking work in English-speaking countries.

But what are the real, practical benefits of speaking Spanish in the workplace? How will it directly influence how successful you are at your job? Believe it or not, the ways are endless. Here are a few of the most influential advantages bilingualism will give you:

To better serve multiethnic clientele

In a global economy that deals with consumers and investors from many different countries, the more prepared a company is to do business in any language, the greater leverage it will have in its dealings.

A company able to speak directly to its buyers without an interpreter comes off as authoritative and trustworthy. This is growing to be so important, especially in large, diverse cities like London and New York, that many companies ask specifically for only bilingual people to apply.

To communicate with companies overseas

Similarly, building relationships with companies within growing economies—Mexico, Peru, and Chile in Latin America are of particular interest to western businesses—is of utmost importance in the marketplace.

If you can be that person who can lead a conversation in Spanish with foreign colleagues, you will be invaluable to your team. You will find yourself being given more opportunities and responsibilities, and maybe even flown over for a business meeting in one of these countries

To prove that you’re willing to go above and beyond your normal responsibilities

Even if you don’t speak Spanish right now, think of what it will say to your boss if you start taking immersive Spanish lessons just so you can benefit the company—that you’re driven, energetic, and willing to go above and beyond for the sake of your job.


To keep your problem-solving and communication skills sharp

Studies have shown that knowing a second language makes you smarter – it hones your logic and problem-solving skills, (it’s great mental exercise trying to remember all those grammar rules!) and it keeps an extra stash of vocabulary words for your use. Not only will you be able to converse in Spanish, but your speaking skills will improve in English as well!

To be better able to think outside the box

Certain ideas and concepts just don’t exist in English. But if you speak Spanish, you will subconsciously become able to think of a topic from another culture’s point of view. This will give you an advantage over your monolingual colleagues, and people will take notice of that.

Clearly, in light of these and other life benefits, the only responsible thing for you to do is learn a second language as soon as possible. If you’re interested in starting your Spanish lessons right away, send us an enquiry. Otherwise, take some time and check out our free Spanish language level test to see where we can best place you.