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Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania’s iconic “City of Bridges,” Pittsburgh is famous for its historic steel industry. Today, the city has branched out in countless other directions, including diverse manufacturing, banking assets, and technology, and has been rated the 6th best city in the US for job growth. With 68 colleges and universities, most notably University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon, the area has a dynamic academic life that continues to draw people from across the country and overseas. Pittsburgh is one of the most multicultural cities on the East Coast, with some of the largest Italian, Ukrainian, and Croatian communities in the country.


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Foreign Language Speakers

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Our clients from Pittsburgh include:

  • Foster Wheeler Energy Limited
    Foster Wheeler Energy Limited
  • Gilchrist & Soames
    Gilchrist & Soames
  • Synstar Computer Service
    Synstar Computer Service
  • The McDavid Group
    The McDavid Group