Orlando. Commonly known as the “Theme Park Capital of the World,” Orlando is the most widely visited city in America, drawing over 51 million tourists a year, 3.6 million coming from outside of America to visit such attractions as Disney World and Universal Studios. In addition to tourism, Orlando has a strong manufacturing industry, particularly in technology and aviation. Given the wave of immigration, Orlando has a thriving Puerto Rican community, and at least 20% of the population speaks Spanish as their native language. In addition, over 30% of the population speaks a language other than English at home; it’s common to hear French, Portuguese, and German around town, as well as Chinese and Arabic.

Stay on top of Orlando’s diverse culture by learning a new foreign language. Learn a foreign language and you'll succeed in the workplace, connect with colleagues abroad, and find your overseas travels to be much easier overall. Take our free online language level test to see how good your foreign language skills are and send us an inquiry to get started with classes in your area!

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Interesting Language Facts

There are 6 official UN languages.

Being fluent in two languages enhances a person's ability to concentrate.

21% of Americans speak a language other than English at home.

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Language Taught: English, German, French, Dutch, Latin

Peter has served for many years as translator and language instructor. He loves languages, and speaks Dutch, English, French, German, and Latin. His teaching experience is extensive, as he has given classes in Dutch, French, German, Latin and European history.

Orlando's twin city is: Seine-et-Marne, France

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”Lila is absolutely delighted to have such an EXCELLENT English teacher! Bonus points too for selecting someone who speaks fluent Russian for Lila, for those rare occasions when translation can benefit the acquisition of vocabulary. Well done!”

Liya Kondratieva English course in Orlando

”My teacher Karina is a pleasure to work with! She’s extremely knowledgeable and very thorough, yet keeps the lesson on a light and easy note!”

Tricia Doody German course in Orlando