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Kansas City. One of the largest cities in the Midwest with a population of over 2.3 million, Kansas City is a thriving metropolis with a powerful economy that dominates much of the region. The agricultural sector employs both local farmers and migrant workers, and there is a vast pharmaceutical industry that fuels thousands of jobs. In addition to this, a network of colleges and universities prompts a steady flow of international students and visitors into the area. Not only does it have the nation’s largest Sudanese and Somalian populations, but with active Hispanic and Southeast Asian communities, knowledge of foreign languages are in high demand by employers across the board.

Distinguish yourself in Kansas City’s multiethnic community by learning a foreign language today. Whether you’re interested in learning a language for professional or personal reasons, it’s never been more convenient with our many language packages in your area. Send us an inquiry to get started, or take one of our free online language level tests to see how good your foreign language skills are.

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Interesting Language Facts

Bilinguals' increased use of 2 language systems can protect against Alzheimer's.

There are 6 official UN languages.

The language people speak shapes the way they see the world.
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Some of our Language Teachers in Kansas City

Language Taught: English

Daniel is a native English speaker who has served as a language and test-prep tutor for over seven years. He has experience teaching multilingual groups of students of different skill levels and backgrounds. In addition to English, Daniel has taught courses on SAT and GRE preparation.

Language Taught: Spanish

A fully bilingual English and Spanish speaker, Jonathan is a Spanish trainer who has been tutoring foreigners since his senior year of high school. As such, he has over eight years of foreign language teaching experience. He has a Master's in Romance Languages and Literature, and is obtaining another in Economics.

Kansas City's twin city is: Freetown, Sierra Leone

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Our clients from Kansas City include:

Axios Systems

Edinburgh University

Evonik Goldschmidt Corporation

GFI Group

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”I am very pleased with the classes and my trainer. She showed me a lot of very good techniques and I will continue to use them for the future. ”

Mary Timson Dutch course in Kansas City

”My tutor is a really nice and sympathetic person and it was very interesting to have a conversation with her. I really enjoyed the time passed in class.”

Sylvia Bokstaller English course in Kansas City