Free Trial Lessons

Free Trial Lessons

Language Trainers Online is now offering free trial online lessons to companies and individuals. Please contact us to find out more.

For Self-Funded and Corporate Clients

Language Trainers Online is delighted to offer 1 free trial class for all companies and individuals that are interested in online language lessons. These lessons are available for all languages offered. All classes will be taught by certified, native speaker language teachers using a combination of Skype or Google Hangouts. If at the end of the trial session, you would like to continue with these classes, this will be arranged for you. If you prefer not to continue, there will be no further commitment. For more information about these trial lessons please contact us.

Feedback from Language Trainers Employees on their Online Group French Class

The French class was very entertaining and the trainer very nice! I hope we get homework and decide in advance what topics we are going to discuss next class.

My 1st class with Solène was great! She is very proactive and fun. I love the fact that she is a native speaker as I can learn the correct pronunciation and cultural subjects. I am excited and looking forward to my next class!

The lesson was great, we covered quite a lot of info in a fun and practical way. Easy going teacher and I liked that she spoke in French all the time, with just a few exceptions, and that just offered a taste for the language. Looking forward to the next.

Good start to the French lesson. I'm excited to see how the lesson progresses.

I liked the approach the teacher took in my first French lesson, and even though none in the group speaks the language, she managed to deliver an entire class in French, not letting us feel lost! Amazing job!

I really enjoyed the online lesson with Solene, she really knew how to deal with an online class (compared to the other teacher we had). The class was fun and interactive.

The French lesson was great. Solène decided to select a different book since we all were a bit under intermediate level and were not familiar with a lot of the vocabulary from the book we were going to work with.  We got to introduce ourselves and talk a little about each other. I can’t wait for our next lesson. Thank you!

I loved my first French lesson. I mean, it was short and at the beginning we didn´t understand much. But the teacher was very kind and patient and willing to explain and translate as much as it was necessary to get us started with the language. When the class had finished I felt like I couldn’t wait for the following lesson. I even wrote the teacher on Skype to tell her this.

She is great. She explains everything very clear. She makes sure we all participate on the exercises.

Mariana Serb
Our teacher is quite enthusiastic about the class and although she speaks in French a lot she makes us understand what she says. The atmosphere is really good and we all enjoy the class.

I really liked it, it was very interactive and social with the group. I liked how we were talking about things and the teacher picked up on things we said and incorporated learning moments based on that.

I was very happy with our lesson. The teacher is dynamic, makes the class interesting. Everyone in the group participated. We have a lot of homework and that will help us remember things from one class to another. PDF and audios have a high quality as well. Lessons are fun and I really look forward to a new class.

I feel very comfortable during the classes, Solene is very kind and patient with us all. I enjoy learning the language from someone that is native and knows about French culture from her own experience.
I will be traveling to France soon so I am trying to learn the most I can use the language during the trip. I am very happy with this opportunity the company gave us, not only for my trip but also for my whole life!

Mariana Nuñez
Solene is Great, she is very sweet and the class was so entertaining that I couldn’t believe it was over when she gave us our homework! I really like her and I know I’ll learn a lot.