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Language Courses in Brooklyn

Brooklyn: One of the most famous boroughs in arguably the single most cosmopolitan city in the world. As of 2010, only about 50% of residents ages 5 and older spoke English at home. An estimated 45% of Brooklyn residents are native foreign language speakers. About 20% of residents are native Spanish speakers, but the list of other non-English languages that are locally spoken is endless. Learning any of these languages could be constructive to your career and personal life, be it Russian, German, French, Italian, Arabic, or one of the many others sprinkled about Brooklyn's streets.

So what are you waiting for? Brooklyn is the place to be and one of the most valuable skills to have is fluency in a foreign language. This holds true as much for ordering food as it does for making complex business negotiations. For those living in Brooklyn, planning a trip abroad, or looking to connect with friends and family overseas, it’s in your best interest to know a second (or third! or fourth!) language. Start cultivating your foreign language skills today by taking a free online language level test. Then contact us to learn more about our personalized course packages. 

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Foreign Language Speakers

Foreign Language Speakers

46.2% of population
No. of Immigrants

No. of Immigrants

38% of population

Our clients from Brooklyn include:

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    APHL- Public Health Labs
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