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Boston. New England’s port city has been known chiefly for its intellectual and cultural life for hundreds of years. Its rich heritage attracts millions of tourists every year, and its universities fuel thousands of jobs in academics, medicine, and biotechnology. It possesses the sixth most powerful economy in the country, with international tourism contributing roughly $8.3 billion a year. In addition to its status as an economic hub on the East Coast, Boston hosts business and financial services from international companies across the globe. One of the United States’ most progressive cities, Boston is known to be a melting pot of different cultures—traditionally, Irish and Italian are the most common ethnicities, but recently the city has seen a rise in immigrant populations from South Asia as well as Latin America, making Mandarin, Spanish, and Vietnamese, among other languages, of prime importance.


Keep up with Boston. Learn a foreign language and expand your business opportunities, connect with friends and family abroad, and travel confidently overseas. Meet a native, qualified tutor in Boston, who will design a personalized language program to help you achieve your foreign language goals! Course packages are designed to fit your learning abilities and your schedule, to ensure each class maximizes your learning potential. Get started today by taking a free online language level test, then send us an inquiry to find out more about customized language courses in your area.

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