[Infographic] How to learn English

I discovered this fascinating infographic this morning, which was created by Kaplan International but for some reason has since been removed from their site. The subject matter is how non-native English speakers learn English.

Unsurprisingly, immersion learning is the most popular form of learning English – 65% of people asked said that the best way to learn English is to move to an English-speaking country and take lessons there.

It’s interesting how much the media helps non-native English speakers improve their English – a large percentage of English learners are aided by popular sitcoms like Friends and How I Met Your Mother, and movies like the Harry Potter series. It just goes to show that most media in your target language – TV shows, movies, radio, and even comic books and video games – can really help improve your day-to-day comprehension.

Here’s the full infographic – hope you all find it as interesting as I did!