5 Reasons You Should Move to Vietnam

Vietnam is a coveted travel spot amongst backpackers and a food-lover’s paradise. But with a tumultuous history, the country still isn’t regarded as a top expat destination. Anyone who has visited or stayed in the country can tell you there is more to Vietnam than meets the eye. Don’t believe us? Check out these top five reasons that will change your mind and convince you to move to Vietnam to pursue both work and play abroad:

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1. Attention to Education

Even though Vietnam is classified as a developing nation, it has an educational system unmatched by any other country of the same definition. This is proven by their 94% literacy rate, further highlighting the importance education holds in the culture.

Why this works for you: Vietnam puts a lot of stock in education, so teachers are in high demand —especially English instructors. Lucky for you, Vietnam ranks within the five best places to teach English within Asia, offering a myriad of high-paying jobs with added benefits. Of course, the job market for these positions is still competitive, and knowing a bit of Vietnamese will put you ahead of the rest. Study Vietnamese with a native, qualified tutor before scheduling your interview, to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

2. Low Cost of Living

English teachers receive generous pay (upwards of 20 USD per hour), and yet the cost of living in the country is low. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in Saigon (locally known as Ho Chi Minh) will cost you under 400 USD, the price of milk is around 30 cents, and you can get where you need to go on public transportation for around $1.50.

Why this works for you: Unlike expensive countries in Asia like Singapore and Japan, Vietnam is a nation where you can save, save, save. Living comfortably isn’t out of your reach and you’ll still have plenty left over for the occasional trip or fun outing!

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3. Global Getaway

Over the last decade, Vietnam has seen a steady increase in foreign visitors, whether they are travelling in search of business opportunities or simply taking some time off. On average, the influx of foreigners has increased by 6% every month, an acknowledgment of Vietnam’s must-see status!

Why this works for you: Moving to Vietnam has never been easier for expats than it is now. An increased exposure to the outside world has created one of the friendliest and most open cultures in Asia, which means renting an apartment, heading to job interviews, or even going to the market have all been made easier by the many foreigners who have gone before you.

4. Business Boom

Last year, Saigon was slated as one of the 10 best emerging cities for business and start-ups. Some claim that this is because 70% of Vietnam’s population is under 30, making it a thriving community of young, new ideas. Either way, many foreign business people are looking eagerly to Vietnam, and some are even moving there to take advantage of the newborn startup culture taking shape.

Why this works for you: In Vietnam, it is possible to start and manage your own business without going completely broke. You’ll find affordable staff, fresh ideas, and a peer network unlike any other you are bound to encounter back home.  Remember to foster a bilingual business and you’ll be prepared for success not only in Vietnam but outside the country as well!

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5. City Convenience

A lot of people have different ideas when it comes to the best, most livable cities in Asia, but most tend to agree that Vietnam’s two main cities, Hanoi and Saigon, should make the list. With its mixture of country and city along with an increase in economic freedom, Hanoi is every expat’s dream. Saigon, with its famous café culture, thriving expat scene, and fun community park ethos, also shouldn’t be overlooked!

Why this works for you: Moving to a developing nation is never easy and many, especially in Asia, tend to have cities which are overcrowded, inefficient, and exhausting to live in. Vietnam’s two main cities are considered on par with nations like Singapore but without the hefty cost of living! For you it’s a win-win!

Moving overseas is a big decision which must be made with a lot of care, but once you do it you’ll be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime! Don’t head to Vietnam unprepared though, now that you’ve got the facts, it’s time to brush up on your language skills so your time abroad is spent enjoying the culture to its fullest. Start your journey before you even get on that plane by signing up for some excellent language classes today. With all this knowledge, you’ll be more than ready to enjoy the exciting nuances of one of the most vibrant and beautiful nations on Earth!