4 Tips to Be More Spontaneous and Travel More Often

We all know someone who always seems to be on the move, traveling spontaneously to some faraway land. That, or we are definitely guilty of following those plentiful inspiring social media accounts of people who love traveling (and look ridiculously great doing it). Whether they’re those seemingly wealthy friends of yours or those too-pretty-to-be-true Instagrammers, have you ever wondered how what it really takes to be “those people” and travel spontaneously? Are you someone who could do it or is it just for a talented few?

Although money is a quite significant part of whatever you decide, the good news is that, if traveling spontaneously is something that interests you and you give it a little more priority, it isn’t nearly as hard to do as you may think.

So, got the travel bug? Here are 5 ways to travel on-the-fly and live to tell the tale:

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1. Have a “supply kit” always ready to go

The easiest way to jump up and go on your next adventure (sometimes literally) is to have a supply kit of all your travel necessities ready to go in case of quick travel. Your kit could include small toiletries, a go-to bag that’s ideal for any type of weekend travel, and reliable outfits that can serve many purposes and climates. Also, don’t forget to bring universal chargers, an ID (your passport in most cases), airport snacks, and an empty reusable water bottle.

2. Make sure you have some sort of schedule (for sleeping, packing, etc.) that works for you

For example, if you know you have an early AM flight, try to get enough sleep beforehand so that you’re not a zombie the next day. There’s nothing worse than being sleep deprived, hungry, and disorganized while on the road. It’s a recipe for disaster and mistakes. Obviously, sometimes you can’t control your schedule, but you can certainly try and do as much as you can to plan ahead for crazy itineraries. Your future self will thank you.

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3. Take vitamins and eat well

While you may already do this in real life already, taking preventative steps for your health is so important, especially while traveling. Air quality, eating habits, and exercise can very quickly go right out the window when traveling (no pun intended), so it’s especially important to look out for yourself – both for your health, and to maximize your trip potential.

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4. Design a travel routine that works for you for just about every trip

This may include, for example, always taking public transport (when available) from the airport to the hotel or hostel, always signing up for a walking tour on your first day, treating yourself to one nice dinner out, etc. Whatever your priorities are, make sure that your trip schedule checks off all the things you want to do. After a while, your trip itineraries and routines may start to look the same.

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5. Consider getting a credit card, joining clubs, groups, and programs that give you monetary perks and other rewards for traveling

These are a great idea for those who are pretty serious about traveling. Not only do they offer a lot of incentives and rewards, but they can also make the travel experience much better in general. Once you join these groups, you can add them to your traveling routine and make better use of your trips.

How do you travel-on-the-fly? What recommendations do you have? Please share with us in the comments!