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Washington, D.C. is one of the most diverse cities in the world. The 2011 census reports that there are more than 4 million people living in the city, and a quarter of the population speaks a language other than English. One of the most popular of them is Spanish, with over 600,000 people claiming Hispanic heritage and speaking the language at home. Plus, the Hispanic heritage of the city can be seen everywhere, from the Latino and Spanish festivals held every year to the hundreds of tapas bars and themed restaurants around Washington DC. Start learning Spanish today and take advantage of professional, cultural, and social opportunities around Washington, D.C. Contact us at Language Trainers and get started today!

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Why Learn Spanish in DC

For Work: Learning Spanish in Washington will prove to be an asset if you are planning to apply for a new job. A wide variety of Spanish and Latino companies are based in the city, like Submer Tecnologías, el Planeta Medios or Gente, and they are always looking to hire employees who can communicate fluently in Spanish. Also, you can get in touch with the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on 17th Street. This institution aims to assist businesses in the DC area to grow by helping develop their network. Every year, more than 1,500 businesses and organizations of Latino and Spanish origin participate in their events, ranging from large corporations to one-person companies. Learn Spanish with Language Trainers and connect with these companies and entrepreneurs on a whole new level!

For Culture: If you would like to learn more about the Hispanic culture instead, you should attend the events organized by the Spain-USA Foundation on 16th Street. Enjoy and discover cultural events and works of internationally renowned Spanish artists in fields such as design, urban culture, architecture, visual arts, performing arts, literature, and music. Also, Washington, D.C. offers many Spanish literary events and book presentations. If you love literature, don’t hesitate to attend these presentations and interact with Spanish speakers in their native language! Another benefit of taking up Spanish in Washington, D.C. is enjoying Latino film festivals without relying on English subtitles. For example, you can attend the Mexico Films Across Borders, hosted every week by the Mexican Cultural Institute on Dupont Circle. Is there a better way to practice your Spanish skills than watching these movies in their original language?

For Social: And if you would like to make new, like-minded friends, join the Spanish Language DC Meetup, a language exchange group where you can meet with other language learners to practice Spanish in a fun, relaxed way. They welcome beginners and intermediate speakers, and there are events for everybody. Some of them are held at restaurants, like Jaleo on 7th Street, where you can have some tortilla de papa or langostinos al ajillo! And if you would like to taste delicious salchipapa or lomo salteado from Peru, you should not miss Nazca Mochica on P Street. Order in Spanish and impress both your friends and the personnel with your language skills. Further, why not attend the amazing Fiesta DC with your new friends? This is a two-day event held in the heart of Washington, D.C., with a parade and festival. You can enjoy the colorful costumes and a wide range of music and dance styles, including salsa, merengue, and bachata, all while enjoying traditional Mexican and South/Central American cuisine.


Where to Learn Spanish in Washington, D.C.

Sign up for a Spanish course in DC today! At Language Trainers, we prioritize your convenience, so we tailor all our programs to suit your skills and preferences. You choose where and when you take your lessons! Our professional tutors can go to your home, office, or a public place, if you prefer. For example, you can study at the DC Public Library on K Street, Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar on I Street, or Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe on Connecticut Ave NW.

And if you don’t live in DC but are based in a nearby area, do still get in touch with us. We have amazing teachers ready to get started in places like Alexandria, Arlington, Baltimore, Fairfax, Vienna, Falls Church, Rockville, and Bowie.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go, vamos! In case you have some knowledge of the language already, feel free to take our Spanish level test to determine your skill set and then get started with your language journey!

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On average, bilingual pay differentials range between 5 and 20% per hour more than the position's base rate.

Bilinguals' increased use of 2 language systems can protect against Alzheimer's.

The US has no official language.
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1-on-1 General Spanish Course in Washington, D.C

Our general one-on-one courses in Washington, D.C will help students improve their Spanish level quickly and efficiently, whatever their needs. One of the most exciting aspects of our courses is that they are developed entirely around the needs of the students. The fact that we offer our Spanish classes on a One-on-One basis means that you can learn the words and phrases you need in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

1-on-1 Business Spanish Course in Washington, D.C

Our Spanish courses in Washington, D.C are taught on a one-on-one basis and will help you improve your business communication skills immensely. No matter what level you begin at we will soon have you dealing with business introductions comfortably before moving onto other matters. Beginner level students can expect to finish the course with basic telephone Spanish and email skills, as well as a level of survival Spanish, granting them the ability to work in a country where Spanish is the native tongue.

2-to-1 and Small Group
Spanish Courses in Washington, D.C (closed group)

Our Spanish courses are also available for small groups studying together (Two-to-One Spanish Course or In-Company Small Group Spanish Course). All participants must have the same language needs, be able to study at the same time at the same place and be at the same level. All participants should be booked at the same time. Language Trainers suggest that you do not look for classes with more than 8 students at one time. However, an In-Company Taster Spanish Course can contain a maximum of 12 people.

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”The lessons were very beneficial. With my teacher’s help I was able to give a five minute speech to 350 employees in MX in Spanish after only 20 hours of lessons and no prior Spanish language study.”

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”My teacher is excellent. She knows the material very well and she makes the learning fun and interesting.”

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