Language Guides

Are you considering enrolling in one of our language courses but you’re still deciding which one? Perhaps you already know but would like to learn more about it first? Or maybe you're currently learning a language but want to know some interesting facts about your new tongue. Our native language guides will take you through a short series of videos where you can learn about the people, food, and culture of some of the world's most beautiful and exotic countries!

After choosing the language you are interested in from the options below, click play on the first video. You’ll start by learning about the countries that use it and the typical characteristics of the people who live there. Discover what to expect when traveling to these countries, like the best cuisine, how to interact with locals and whether they use varying dialects in different regions. Learn the idiosyncrasies of their office culture if you plan on using the language at your place of work. Or discover some simple but useful phrases to help get you started.

As you progress through our videos, our expert guides will drill down into the language itself. Learn about common rules and how they compare to English. Perhaps the script differs from what you are familiar with, or certain pronunciations require using your throat or tongue in strange, new ways. Our guides will even give you an idea of how many hours of classroom study you should expect to take before reaching the main levels of proficiency: survivor; intermediate; and fluency.

Finally, our guides cover frequently asked questions. These can include specific queries, like common difficulties and whether knowing another language can help with learning. We also answer more general questions, such as whether nationals are likely to know English and to what level. Each video is only a few minutes long and presents information clearly and concisely. So, select your language below and start learning! And if you have any questions at the end, get in touch and one of our team will happily respond.

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