Beginners Russian Course Outline

If you are curious about Russian and want to learn the basics of this beautiful language, this Beginners Open Group Russian Course is ideal for you. You will share the class with other like-minded students from around the world who have the same interest in the language as you and a similar level of proficiency. You will start learning the Cyrillic alphabet and how to read words in Russian together will all the basics you need to get started. As you develop your abilities, your native teacher will equip you with all the essential skills, grammar and vocabulary to express yourself in Russian at a Beginner level through fun, real-life activities, like role-playing.

Recommended Student Level:


Number of lessons:


Duration of the course:

15 hours

Lesson length:

1.5 hours


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Lesson 1

You will learn basic greetings; how to introduce yourself; the Russian sounds and the alphabet; how to write your name in Russian

Lesson 2

You will learn formal and informal greetings; to say your profession; to ask somebody what they do for a living; numbers 1-9; to ask for a phone number

Lesson 3

You will learn to introduce others; to conjugate basic verbs; numbers 10-100; time expressions; how to pronounce various sounds

Lesson 4

You will learn to say what you have and ask what someone has; to talk about activities you do regularly; phrases to start a conversation; words for everyday objects; to name the days of the week

Lesson 5

You will learn about locations in the city; to ask for and give directions; basic and possessive adjectives

Lesson 6

You will learn to name countries and nationalities; to talk about your family; to ask and say where you are from and where you live

Lesson 7

You will learn useful phrases at the airport; vocabulary related to hotels; to give your opinion and express simple feelings

Lesson 8

You will learn food vocabulary; to orderin a restaurant; to use the imperative; to ask and answer more questions

Lesson 9

You will learn vocabulary related to technology and smartphones; vocabulary related to the means of transportation; the gender of inanimate nouns

Lesson 10

You will learn to say how you feel; vocabulary related to body parts; to create a dialog; to talk about a healthy lifestyle

* You do not need to buy a textbook to complete your course. Your teacher will share their materials (excerpts from textbooks, audio files, videos, etc.) with you during the classes using screenshare. Your teacher may also recommend other textbooks and grammar books to help supplement or continue your studies, but Language Trainers bears no responsibility for your decision to make such a purchase.

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Our Russian Teachers


Katia is a Russian polyglot. As well as teaching her own language, she is fluent in Portuguese and English, speaks intermediate Spanish and French, and knows elementary-level Hebrew. She currently resides in Brazil, but has worked in several countries and continents. As such, she possesses good cross-cultural communication skills, and enjoys inspiring cultural exchange via dialogue in her classes. In particular, Katia loves to find creative ways to immerse her students in her native culture, using a wide range of interactive digital materials, including games, videos, and quizzes. She certified as a teacher at Moscow State University, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Novosibirsk State Technical University, where she also completed courses in French and English. Since then, Katia has been teaching Russian language courses to all ages and group sizes via school classrooms, private lessons, and online courses. Her students describe her as dedicated, creative, and an excellent professional. She is demanding but patient and works hard to help her students grasp the key aspects of Russian to begin communicating as soon as possible. So, students in her Language Trainers Connect course can expect to speak Russian from the very first class, working with their classmates to exchange ideas, practice conversation, and complete group-based activities. Likewise, she is trained to track individual students’ progress in a group setting and she will adjust the pace and focus of lessons to help learners struggling with particular aspects of the language. Crucially, she will do this while maintaining overall advancement of the course syllabus. In addition, Katia has experience managing projects, providing business trainings, organizing events, and raising funds for non-profit organizations. But while these are her areas of special expertise, she is ready and eager to help you build your Russian knowledge of anything that interests you and the group as a whole.

Please note that Language Trainers has many highly qualified and experienced native language trainers who teach courses for us. Your specific teacher may be one of those profiled here on this page or may be a different, similarly qualified teacher.