Language Trainers Testimonials and Reviews from Clients

Read feedback from our clients. See why they chose Language Trainers, and why they continue to recommend us.


”I am really satisfied with my English lessons. The teacher has taught me based on my current concerns and issues in business. It's been very helpful to me!”

Takeshi Matsuoka English course in San Francisco, Softbank

”My daughter is very happy with her teacher and classes!”

Andrew Cropper Japanese course in New York

”My friends are quite impressed at how much more Dutch I speak now! I would say the lessons were a success. I was very pleased with my Dutch lessons and would highly recommend Language Trainers.”

Marsha Campbell Dutch course in Portland

”We LOVE our lessons and teacher. She is outstanding. We all feel like we're learning a lot, and learning the content we had hoped to master. Thank you so much! ”

Susan Relland Italian course in Oklahoma City

”My French lessons are going well. One-on-one class really meets my needs since it goes with my own learning speed and can fit my busy schedule.”

Xiaohua Fu French course in Boston

”My teacher is amazing. I am learning so much. I am actually conversing and writing and reading! I feel confident in what I am doing.”

Julie Behar Spanish course in Tucson

”I am truly satisfied with my teacher. She always tries to find the best way to teach me effectively. She brings many materials for me to understand whatever I had any difficulty to understand in the previous lesson.”

Hitoshi Sato English course in Los Angeles

”My teacher is great. He has a flexible schedule and is great about accommodating my schedule before I leave for Italy. He is punctual, focused on the lesson and personable. I am looking forward to learning a lot from him.”

Brigid Lamon Italian course in Philadelphia

”The lessons have really helped to improve my conversation skills!”

Natsuki Tsuda English course in Overland Park

”I am very pleased with the classes and my trainer. She showed me a lot of very good techniques and I will continue to use them for the future. ”

Mary Timson Dutch course in Kansas City

”My teacher has been wonderful and I would recommend him to anyone. I have enjoyed working with Language Trainers, and have already recommended your business to others.”

Gary Stanton Hebrew course in Cambridge

”I'm really happy with my English course!”

Davide Treggiari English course in Pittsburgh

”It is going to be very helpful that our teacher knows the aspects of Croatian that are unique to the specific area where we’re planning to move to. We’re looking forward to continuing our lessons!”

J. Kent Pepper Croatian course in New York

”Everything is great I am enjoying the lessons and have made good improvement. My teacher has been so wonderful and patient.”

Lia joyiens Spanish course in Tucson

”My instructor has been great. Not only have I learned a lot of Dutch in a short period of time but she even gave me some tips on places to visit while I am in Amsterdam.”

Alan H Dutch course in San Diego

”My Polish lessons are going great. Justyna is really, really great teacher!”

James Morel Polish course in Los Angeles

”I have only positive feedback for both my tutor, Peter, and Language Trainers. I would highly recommend for individuals who are interested in pursuing course options to do so through Language Trainers. ”

Kjersti Cubberley Czech course in San Francisco

”My teacher, Londa, was wonderful. I really enjoyed my Georgian classes!”

Anita Sundarajan Georgian course in Washington DC

”I can't say enough about the quality of language training that I'm receiving from Language Trainers USA. I was referred to the company by one of my colleagues at work. Already, after several weeks of training, my fluency in Spanish has improved tremendously. I enjoy all of the different ways that my teacher helps me learn: using games, video, music, grammar review and much more. I was a French major in college and I still have some fluency after more than 25 years. Given my past language learning experience, I know that I'm making good progress in Spanish. I would recommend private language classes to anyone looking to master a foreign language. I would recommend Language Trainers USA every time.  Thank you!”

Marguerite Griffin Spanish course in Chicago

”Everything is going great. The professor is always on time and Matteo says she is very effective!  ”

Paolo Vista English course in New York

”All is well with the teaching, I believe I am making good progress and I am very happy with Francesca's teaching.”

Sara Kay Italian course in Las Cruces

”The lessons are going well, and for the first time last Tuesday in all my language courses, I felt like I was making progress. Julia spends most of the time giving me exercises that require I speak, which is what I requested. ”

Robert Phares German course in Tampa

”I really enjoyed my first class. I had the opportunity to learn and speak a lot in English. I'm very excited to continue my classes.”

Jesus Robles English course in Dallas

”I would like to write a review in regards to the amazing experience I’ve had so far with language trainers. I searched many different companies when looking to progress my Spanish skills. I was looking for a place where I could really connect with my tutor, they were experienced in the dialect I was looking to learn, it was affordable, and they could travel to me. Not many companies could meet my needs. I finally found Language trainers and have been SO satisfied! They really took their time in pairing me with the proper trainer based on my needs. I was paired with Claudia who is such an excellent teacher. She was able to really assess my current level and find ways to help me move forward so rapidly. As I write this I’ve only had about 7 lessons (2 hours each) and my understanding of Spanish, writing skills, reading, and speaking have more than doubled from the elementary level I was at.  I am so excited to continue my learning and hit the goals I’ve set with Claudia.  I write this as a huge thank you to my amazing teacher Claudia and Language Trainers for running such an efficient and helpful company!”

Jackie Norwark Spanish course in New York

”I am extremely happy with the language lessons and I will be traveling to Europe for several weeks almost immediately after this present session ends. I already feel prepared well with my German. I will be even more confident when the session ends.”

William Kelley German course in Anaheim

”The lessons are fantatic. My German tutor, Bridget, is excellent.”

Clyde Michael Jones German course in Memphis

”We meet with our teacher for 2 hours most every week. She does a great job teaching and preparing assignments. We do not have as much time as we would like to put into our studies with jobs, kids, etc., but are not in a rush and will continue to move at our own slower pace. We are very happy with where we are at about the 6-month point.  ”

Scott Fawcett Japanese course in Huntington

”Our lessons vary quite a lot. Sometimes we have plenty of questions on English words/sentences we saw/heared during the week. Sometimes we do some grammar lessons + exercises. Sometimes we speak about American history/habits/way of life/culture/movies... and it suits us perfectly!”

Chloe Nicaise English course in Brooklyn

”I am very satisfied with my Turkish lessons. My instructor is innovative, patient and flexible: everything I could ask for. Excellent service. Many thanks!”

David Ernst Turkish course in San Francisco

”Our lessons have far exceeded my expectations and our teacher has been a delight and an engaging and extraordinarily effective instructor. As teachers ourselves, we recognize her to be a gifted colleague.”

Carol Bixler Russian course in New Orleans

”I have nothing but good things to say regarding my classes with my instructor. She is always on topic, very interesting and she makes the lesson extremely enjoyable. I am lucky to have her as my teacher.”

Denise Brogna Spanish course in Tucson

”We really enjoy having our teacher. His warm and engaging style is a good match for our culture and the participants. He’s patient when dealing with questions and combines learning the language with interesting facts about Swedish culture and customs. As it turns out, he comes from the same town in Sweden as our general manager, so we have heard many stories about Lund.  Our headquarters is located in Lund, so many of us travel there frequently.  I can’t imagine a better match for us.”

Elaine Palome Swedish course in Boston

”My son’s entire experience with Language Trainers was excellent!  From our first inquiry to follow up, my son's teacher was friendly and knowledgeable and worked with my son at his own pace and geared the classes to his specific interests and needs. Great experience, we would highly recommend Language Trainers.”

Jenn Gers Icelandic course in Los Angeles

”My teacher is excellent. She knows the material very well and she makes the learning fun and interesting. Her lessons are well planned; she is patient and conscientious.   The homework assignments are reasonable and I learn a lot from the feedback.       She is a pleasure to be with. ”

Denise Brogna Spanish course in Tucson

”My trainer is a great fit, and is customizing his approach based on specifics I requested and then he fills in with what he knows I will need to bring this all together. His own experience and patience is making this a great learning experience for me.”

Guy Walenga Polish course in Nashville

”My trainer was was always so punctual and organized with our weekly lessons at the Chicago Library. He showed patience and used different strategies such as movies, songs and children’s books all of which were perfect for me because I was a beginner. I always enjoyed all of my lessons and would recommend the experience to anyone who wishes to start learning Dutch or who is already an advanced speaker who needs to brush up on their grammar and daily conversation. ”

Emily Couch Dutch course in Chicago

”Thank you for working with me and for getting such a great instructor. She not only knows Japanese but has experience teaching it and her English is perfect. She also speaks Mandarin and Taiwanese! ”

John Nally Japanese course in Houston

”The lessons were very beneficial. With my teacher’s help I was able to give a five minute speech to 350 employees in MX in Spanish after only 20 hours of lessons and no prior Spanish language study.”

Kent Brown Spanish course in Birmingham (Alabama)

”I recently had the good fortune to study German with Language Trainers. Previously, I had attempted, through various methods and products, to study on my own with limited success. With my trainer’s guidance, my learning and capability have accelerated several-fold. His many years of teaching experience were immediately apparent as he got a sense of my aptitude level and learning goals and tailored his lessons to meet—but also to challenge—them. He conducted the lessons primarily in clear, paced German: this alone greatly accelerated my aural comprehension. He also employed many different teaching modalities—videos, dialogues, sight-reading and open-ended conversations to keep the lessons interesting and dynamic. Beyond his abundant teaching skills is his profound care for his students’ success. He gave me the sense that he was genuinely excited at my successes and walked me patiently through my struggles as a student. Now, as I take his lessons with me back into private study, I am much better equipped for success. Mr. Roesch gave me what I could have never learned on my own—a genuine “feel” for the language we both love. I would unreservedly recommend my German tutor for students at all levels of proficiency.”

Rob OBERG German course in Fresno

”Our trainer is great to work with. He is patient and quite clear in his approach/instruction style, and also provides encouragement and methods for self-study outside of lessons. I am very comfortable that we will be able to achieve our goal and complete everything on time.”

David O'Donnell Thai course in Sacramento

”I have been meeting my trainer at the library and he is fantastic. He has been very patient with me learning at a very beginner level.”

Emily Couch Dutch course in Chicago

”My trainer has been a joy to work with — she is infinitely patient and our sessions are interesting and enormously valuable.  ”

Carol Bixler Russian course in New Orleans

”What I enjoy most about the classes is that they are a lot more conversational rather than a textbook approach. Looking forward to future classes!”

Kimia Sadeghi Italian course in Newport Beach

”I am really happy with all I learnt and it was useful to refresh everything I knew in order to start again in Germany.”

Fernando DELGADO German course in Detroit

”I am so pleased with my classes and have found my teacher to be wonderful and very helpful with classes set at a great speed.”

NN Spanish course in Jacksonville

”My teacher was able to use my knowledge of German to help with Polish, and it was fun learning about his experience learning Polish as well. He's also knowledgeable enough to answer my semi-technical questions about the language. Thank you for coordinating all of this.”

Paula Zimmerman Polish course in St. Louis

”The lessons have been going on smoothly, and the teacher is great!”

Victoria Suhud Korean course in Boston

”The lessons were great and my teacher's manner of instruction was good with great communication skills.”

Eric Hildebrand Swedish course in Tampa

”Our instructor was excellent and very knowledgeable in the Russian language and grammar. She was also very pleasant to work with. I appreciated her commitment to me as her student and to the course.”

Paris Bezanis Russian course in Houston

”My teacher has been amazing. She is fluent in both English and Cantonese so she is able to elaborate and translate well. Her lesson plans are well thought out. Highly recommend. ”

Lorissa Huey Cantonese course in San Francisco

”My daughter is very much enjoying the tutoring. She even said her Italian genes must be coming through because she thinks she enjoys the Italian language more than even French.”

Clifford J. Ameduri Italian course in Brooklyn

”I met with my trainer for two hours today and this is a match made in heaven! He wants me “totally immersed” in the language. The plan is to meet somewhere once a week for two hours and we will talk on the phone every other day for about 20 minutes.”

Tom Romito French course in Cleveland

”My Spanish lessons are going very well. I like how my instructor prepares the lessons. It helps a lot that she speaks Dutch as there are similarities to German and that makes it sometimes easier to explain grammar. Highly recommendable!”

Anne D Spanish course in Houston

”The lessons are challenging but I’m learning. The teacher is a joy to work with and is always happy to answer my questions. The two hours go by very fast despite him making sure I learn as much as possible. I don’t think I’d learn this language in a group setting making my one-to-one classes priceless.”

Eric King Japanese course in Chicago

”The English course is going well. I'm speaking a lot in English with my teacher and I like the vocabulary book she recommended. We have been practicing vocabulary and building sentences using flash cards.”

Marcos Guzman English course in Minneapolis

”Things are going great! It seems that we have come to the end of our time and I have really enjoyed my time with my instructor. In the 2-3 months that we have had lessons, I've really advanced in my German abilities.”

Jorge Ospina German course in Dallas

”My name is Dayong and I'm a network engineer. My work requires a high level of communication with customers and colleagues, both in written and verbal form, efficiently and professionally.”

Dayong Zhang English course in Fort Worth

”My lessons with my trainer Irina have gone well!”

Daniel Pincus Russian course in New York, Cantor, Cantor Daniels

”The teacher is wonderful and I am confident moving forward that she will provide me with a good foundation for French.”

Marti Eulberg French course in Charlotte

”Things are going well, great instructor.”

Noel Gayle Spanish course in Atlanta, Vice President Technology, Morrison Management Specialists

”I just wanted to let you know that our Hindi class went very well and we cannot wait for the next one!”

Mike Cuddy Hindi course in Baltimore

”The course and the professor were excellent! I had a great time learning English with Language Trainers.”

Marina Wolmer Santana English course in New York

”I had a great experience! I reviewed, learned, and improved my oral and reading skills. I'll definitely recommend Language Trainers!”

Ryan Torres German course in Cincinnati

”My lessons are going very well. Doron my trainer is great and I am learning a lot.”

Emily Fedeles French course in Tampa

”The lessons are going very well. Personally, I benefit a great deal from Ellen my trainer visiting twice a week because it ensures that I actually complete my homework. I would not be able to focus on German without her visits (I would focus all my attention on my MBA, which is not what I want). My trainer, Ellen, motivates me to speak in German and work hard in my studies. She has provided me with very helpful links as well. I very much enjoy my time with her.”

Amanda Miller German course in Austin

”First lesson was great!”

James Black French course in Miami, Director, Cogent Investments

”My first session was very good. The teacher made a review of my e-mails and suggested some modifications and asked me to write a conversation I had, between any of my colleagues here and gave her feedback on that. Also she taught me some gestures which I should not follow. Moving forward she advised to watch some videos and we are going to discuss about those stuffs in our sessions to make the classes more interactive.”

Arulrayan James English course in New York

”The trainer is very dynamic, she also takes a lot of notes about what I wrongly spell or mis-pronounce. She also brings interesting reading material.”

Arsenys Larez English course in, Technical Trainer Lead – Claremore Training Center, Baker Hughes

”We are enjoying the lessons very much.”

Dirk De Jong Spanish course in Miami, Regional Commercial Manager, SVITZER Salvage Americas Inc

”Lessons are going great! Luis is well liked and is doing a good job teaching the class. All participants feel that they are learning Spanish.”

Jennifer Darling Spanish course in Tulsa, HR Manager, Harsco

”I'm in charge of the English course at Future Pipe Industries. The guys are really enjoying the class and have improved their English a great deal and would like to continue learning.”

Henry Pham English course in Houston, General Manager, Future Pipe

”The procedures with Language Trainers were quite easy. Being able to coordinate with the trainer with relative autonomy was a great help. That is, the procedure for coordinating lessons, goals, meetings, etc was agreed upon by student and teacher. I did find it good to get regular check ups from you about my satisfaction and how the lessons were proceeding. In contrast, the new tutoring company I am with in Germany have never asked for feedback.”

Claudia Taglich Italian course in Long Island, Extended Care Health Services

”Everything is going well!”

Phubet Chaiboonruang German course in New Orleans

”I met yesterday with Anne, my trainer. She was very friendly and competent.”

Gigliola Burroni English course in Raleigh, QA Documentation & Systems, Novartis

”Ariane is very pleased with Peter and his teaching skills. It's all going well. Again, Peter is an excellent teacher and when we return in a year, Ariane will be glad to have him as her teacher again.”

Oliver Pfaff German course in New York, Senior Counsel, Siemens

”My teacher Karina is absolutely wonderful! She’s extremely knowledgeable and very thorough, yet keeps the lesson on a light and easy note! She is a pleasure to work with! Thanks.”

Tricia Doody German course in Orlando

”I didn’t know anything about Language Trainers before coming to Chicago, but I know I made a great decision. I’ve found people who seem to be interested in teaching which is not easy to find. I am very grateful to Pamela, an incredible teacher and marvelous person. Chicago is an exciting city that everybody should visit. Language Trainers is a great choice!”

Jorge Gutierrez English course in Chicago, Pricewaterhouse Coopers

”My lesson with Javier went very well - I was impressed by his teaching style and preparation. He was very specific about how we can move forward and improve my Spanish and I liked how detailed he was with my specific needs.”

Jenni Adams Spanish course in Chicago

”Jacqueline, the teacher, is a warm, expressive, and open person. We get along well. I am confident we can work very well together. Thank you!”

Beata Mierzejewska English course in Toledo, Allergist & Immunologist

”My trainer (Dubravka) was very informed and patient. I would whole-heartedly recommend my experience.”

Mark Bowles Croatian course in Chicago, VP - Recovery & Resolution Planning, HSBC

”My German is now quite good. I am living/working in Germany. I speak only German in the office and daily life as well. I am preparing for the C1 language qualification exam. I am quite satisfied with the services from Language Trainers. Angelica, my trainer, did a good job bringing business/office related terms, phrases, and practice into the lessons and incorporating them with general learning.”

David Smith German course in Portland, Mechatronics (TP/EMD), Daimler

”I only had 3 lessons with Pam, but they were all great! Pamela knew exactly what I needed and she met my requirements.”

Erich Knalf English course in Chicago, Customer Service Manager, ATS

”I found Language Trainers to be extremely helpful in meeting the needs of my 12 year old daughter wanting to learn Japanese. Your selection in her instructor, Jenna, could not have been a better match. She worked at my daughter’s level, challenged her, and brought an energy and joy to the lessons that made learning easier and fun. Language Trainers was conscientious in communications from the start of my search through the lessons. I would highly recommend you to anyone, at any age wanting to learn a language.”

Jeanne Loechner Japanese course in New York, Senior Account Executive, PepsiCo

”I absolutely loved my teacher!!! She is wonderful and I am very happy! She was extremely professional and knowledgeable. She was also able to answer all of my questions/issues that I had with a few aspects of the Spanish language. I would highly recommend her to others.”

Marlena Marmol Spanish course in Hoboken

”The lessons have been wonderful. I think the teacher is great, and I would be willing to recommend him to others if needed.”

Sameer Gafoor German course in Chicago

”I received my certificate today. I just want to say thank you. It was a nice experience with Language Trainers and my trainer Rachel. I am very happy that I have completed 100 hours. It’s really helpful for me. Thank you.”

Snigdhaks Mandal English course in Wichita

”My trainer, Alex, was GREAT.”

Cree Johannsen German course in Clayton

”I enjoyed my Italian course.”

Xinyun He Italian course in Chicago

”The course was a wonderful and entertaining way to learn Catalan. My instructor was nice, effective and flexible. The course was amended to suit my particular needs and interests.”

Christian Orlic Catalan course in Minneapolis

”I though the course was great! My teachers, Cristina and Hubert, were both great to work with. It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend this to anyone I know who is looking to learn a new language!!”

Kayela Ziarek Polish course in Indianapolis

”i am enjoying the class. Italian is harder than expected but I am learning a lot. My tutor, Barbara, and I get along well! I enjoy her company and she is a good teacher.”

Silvana Verri Italian course in Austin

”The trainer was great. I feel the courses were efficient and pleasant.”

Eric Romagna German course in Miami, Lufthansa

”Our tutor, Catherine, has been very patient with our crazy work schedule and keeps us engaged and encouraged to continue our pursuit of learning Spanish.”

Linda Hampton Spanish course in Houston, NCC

”I am completely satisfied with my Cantonese course. I feel that the content is great and I actually use my lessons in real life. The speed is fine. My tutor and I talked about because Cantonese is a very vast language, we decided to take it slow and made sure that I wasn't overloaded with information and not be able to perfect every lesson, which is, like I said perfectly fine for me.”

Diep Do Cantonese course in Denver

”The lessons are going really well and Vivi is a great teacher.”

Robert Larson Portuguese course in Denver, PCAOBUS

”So far so good. Judith is an excellent teacher. I would recommend her in the future. She is always positive and engaged in my success.”

Haley Owen Spanish course in El Paso, Doctor of Audiology, Livingston Audiology

”It's very convenient to have the instructor come to you for the lesson! We had a very competent instructor who interacted wonderfully with my 15 year old daughter, who was taking the course.”

Lara Farnsworth Spanish course in Greer

”Our trainer, Friedel, is incredible! I love how she teaches and it was a pleasure to meet her.”

Antonio García English course in Tomball

”Meeting via Skype was perfect for me. Not only was this helpful for my schedule and location, but my teacher could also instantly send me web links for helpful grammar drills and other study aids. Exactly what I was looking for!”

Rev. Mark S. Ott German course in Cleveland

”Our instructor helps us immensely in understanding and overcoming so many of the nuances that are present in the Italian language.”

Steve Meyer Italian course in Las Vegas

”A short note to confirm that Lena is a superb teacher! Lila is absolutely delighted to have such an EXCELLENT English teacher! Bonus points too for selecting someone who speaks fluent Russian for those rare occasions when translation can benefit the acquisition of vocabulary. Well done!”

Liya Kondratieva English course in Orlando

”Lessons are going very well! We couldn’t be more happy with our professor.”

Maria Briceno Italian course in Miami, Disney

”This has been a very motivating for me! Michelle is an excellent teacher and has helped me improve my skills when giving work presentations and overall comprehension of the language in general. She has understood my needs and given me the support I need with other training resources in addition to the book. I met with my colleagues yesterday and they were able to immediately see my improvements, which was the best and most relevant feedback. Thank you for all your work, Language Trainers!”

Monica Rieppi English course in Raleigh

”My lessons have gone very well, as Katrine, my instructor, is a pleasure to work with. She plans each lesson well and when I need more help or clarification on a topic, she is always cheerful and helpful! Katrine has given me a very solid foundation and the resources allowing me to continue practicing on my own. Language Trainers has done a great job, especially in pairing me with my great native language instructor!”

Gabriel Proo Norwegian course in San Francisco

”I had my last English lessons today. I completed some quizzes Candace had prepared for me and the results were positive. Candace has been a good teacher and she was always well prepared. She assigned homework assignments for me and personalized her teaching plan according to my needs. Of course I wish I had had more time to study English at home and to prepare for my lessons but with a job and two small kids I don't have much time left to other activities. Thank you for a good experience with your program.”

Benedicte T. Nielsen English course in Houston

”I would like to thank Language Trainers for arranging this course. What I have learnt has been a great help for my upcoming trip to Sweden. I would also like to thank my trainer, Christina, who is excellent and very professional!”

André Robillard Swedish course in Washington DC

”Our Hebrew lessons are working out very well! Miriam is an excellent teacher who seems to know exactly what we need. For example, although I have learned Hebrew block letters, this is the first time I’ve been able to decipher Hebrew cursive letters thanks to Miriam’s way of presenting them. We have had to reschedule a couple of lessons due to sickness, but she has been very flexible and helpful. It has worked out for the best that we chose the Skype option. Tomorrow we will be taking a trip to visit family and friends, and thanks to Skype we can take Miriam with us. Thanks for connecting us with her.”

Albert McCarn Hebrew course in San Antonio

”Thank you for the follow up. Virginia was hands down the best instructor I have ever had. I went from speaking no French to being able to have conversations with my in-laws in France. I have already recommended your organization to several of my colleagues and recommended your programs to my National Guard unit commander.”

James Wolf French course in Colorado Springs

”It's my honor to give my trainer, Giovanna, a compliment! I'm having such a good time with her. We are studying basic grammar and vocabularies from the book that she chose for me and will start reading some articles from Fashion magazine.”

Victoria Xu / Xiaojie Xu Italian course in New York

”The lessons with my trainer, Leo, are going well! We have done a lot of the basic verbs, numbers, time and greetings mostly on paper and with flash cards. We are going to begin an oral approach for the next several lessons. Leo says he will only speak Spanish and Jim and I will only reply in Spanish. Leo feels that it is more important at this point to speak some basic spanish well, rather than to add new vocabulary words. And in the book when the dialogues are written, we can now understand the message.”

Antoinette Rohde Spanish course in Baltimore

”My tutor, Lisa-Beth, did a really great job. I appreciated her level of engagemement and all subjects in discussion. She's smart and professional. I will recommend her and Language Trainers if somebody needs English lessons.”

Martina karlova de Camaret English course in Los Angeles, Director of the Exclusive Offer EMEA, Sephora

”I have had two classes with Natasha, my teacher, and it has been a very good experience. She is an excellent teacher! I am looking forward to progressing through the program.”

Brother Bob Schaefer Spanish course in Pittsburgh, Principal, Central Catholic High School

”We use Language Trainers for development opportunities for our employees. The training has been terrific as it gives our employees an opportunity to grow outside of normal business hours. We believe this translates to happier employees and drives customer satisfaction. We will continue to use Language Trainers as a partner going forward.”

Todd Johnson English course in Indianapolis, International Aerospace Tubes

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”Yes, the program has been extremely helpful. My teacher was the most helpful and useful.”

Bob Busch Rediscovering the Spanish Language
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