LangLadder – a Firefox extension to help you learn languages


I recently stumbled upon LangLadder, a super useful extension for the Firefox web browser which has an array of features to help intermediate and advanced level language learners reinforce your vocabulary while you browse the web. By merging the learning experience with how many people spend the bulk of their free time (statistics have shown that the average person spends around 2 hours a day on the internet), it creates a fun way to practice your target language in context. By browsing foreign language sites, you can add words you don’t know to a vocabulary list that pops up in your sidebar, which gives you definitions as you go using Google Translate. You can later test yourself with the plugin’s built-in flashcard system, which tracks your progress as you improve.

You can learn more about how LangLadder works from its creator, Erik Larson, by watching this video:

I love when technology can legitimately aid your language studies – this is a simple yet great idea for those who want to sharpen up their skills. Check out to download the plugin, and for more information. It works on both PC and Mac; all you’ll need is the Mozilla Firefox browser and the Jetpack plugin, plus the LangLadder add-on.