Language learning outside the classroom

While it can be useful to learn languages in classes, this still of learning does not suit everyone. There are alternative ways of learning languages that be preferable for some people.

One alternative way is to study on your own and to take part in activities taught through the language you’re learning. For example, I’ve been learning Welsh mainly on my own and recently joined a choir for Welsh learners, which gives me plenty of opportunities to use my Welsh doing something I really enjoy – singing. The songs we sing are all in Welsh, our conductor teaches them through Welsh, we chat amongst ourselves in Welsh as well. I am also looking for other activities involving Welsh that I could take in.

So I would recommend trying find an activity taught through or involving the language you’re learning in some way. This may be something you already do, or something new that you can learn through the medium of the foreign language. If you’re going to language classes your teachers might be able to advise you whether such activities are available in your area, or might run some themselves. As well as being a good alternative to classes, joining in with such activities can be an opportunity to put what you’re learning in class into practice.