Corporate Language Training for Employees: Benefits & Rewards

Ours is an increasingly global economy, so more and more companies are expanding their businesses overseas, meaning those with multilingual employees are more efficient and productive when it comes to in-house communications. Undoubtedly, giving your employees the chance to study a foreign language will bring about a lot of benefits for the company. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider training your employees to become bilingual (or even trilingual).

Improved relationships with customers

If your business is expanding its foreign operations, you’ll need bilingual employees to assist your operations abroad and to engage with potential customers who do not speak English. Your international partners and clients will surely be pleasantly surprised and appreciate the effort, even if your employees can only communicate at a beginner level. This will help build positive rapport, improve information exchange, and create a sense of companionship.

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Learning a foreign language is even more important if your employees have to travel abroad for business, and depending on where they go will influence the importance of these skills. For instance, while many European nations use English as the common language for business, only 1% of the population in China speaks it; so, knowing at least a bit of Chinese is crucial.

 Also, language learning increases creativity and cultural awareness. Acquiring a system of communication entails learning more about the culture and traditions of its speakers. This offers great advantages when it comes to speaking with clients with a very different culture from your own, especially for those in customer service positions.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Language training does not only transform into benefits for the company, but for the employee, as well. They will gain a new skill set that will allow them to develop culturally, personally, and professionally. In particular, small-group language sessions give a team the opportunity to improve their internal communication, productivity, and trust. And with a friendly teacher who prepares engaging lessons, your employees will look forward to every lesson.

Our French teacher, Julie, teaching an online class.

 Plus, as students try to communicate and decipher the grammar rules of the new language, they are also developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, essential in the corporate world.

Some other benefits of language learning:

  • By learning a foreign language, people become more aware of the nuances of their own mother tongue, thus improving their ability to communicate with co-workers, clients, and partners.
  • Language training can help prevent your staff from suffering memory disorders, like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, by improving their memory. Your employees will have to remember thousands of new words and structures, so studying a language will give their memories a good work out in the brain gym.
  • Learners will enjoy a great sense of achievement as they develop their foreign language ability.

Give your company the chance to become fluent in a foreign language. Soon, your employees and/or co-workers will not only be able to communicate with partners and clients abroad, but also they’ll become more conscious of the nuts and bolts of their mother tongue, develop awareness and respect for other cultures, and even improve their cognitive and decision-making skills.

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