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Roxanne Sancto EXPERT Roxanne Sancto is a German/British journalist and author. She published her first novel, The Pink Boots (co-written with Martin Tarte), in 2010. She is currently working on two new novels, Jenny Blaze and Her Friendly Therapists and Molly Mobbing. She also works as a freelance journalists for several companies in Spain and abroad, and also translates, proofreads, and edits in English, German, and Dutch. When she's not working, she can usually be found covered in paint, glue, bits of thread, or whatever is the material of the day. If you set her up on a little table by the corner with some crayons, a glue stick, some old scarves, and a pair of scissors, you won't hear a peep from her all day. She likes experimenting with anything, but she has a slight obsession with chrome car spray paint. Luckily, she's all grown up now, so she gets to let out all her artistic chrome aggression on the wall of her apartment. She loves music, yoga, movies, and cooking.