The Everything Kids’ Learning Spanish Book
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  • The Everything Kids’ Learning Spanish Book
  • Cecila Sojo
  • Published by: Adams Media
  • Level: Beginner
  • First Published in: 2010

A colorful and engaging Spanish course book aimed at young learners; while working with this book, students will cover the basics of the Spanish language by working on puzzles, games, and interactive activities.

Review posted: 29/10/2013
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According to Wikipedia, there are around 387 million native Spanish speakers in the world; that’s more than the population of the US and more than the total number of native English speakers in the entire world. Wikipedia also states that there are also about 37 million native Spanish speakers in the US alone. That’s about 11.5% of the United States’ total population. With these figures it’s easy to see why teaching your child Spanish is a useful tool, even if you never plan to leave the United States or your home country.

Whether you speak Spanish or not, The Everything Kids’ Learning Spanish Book can help you teach your child how to speak Spanish. If you don’t already speak Spanish, you can learn alongside your child! If you are a Spanish teacher looking for fun new materials for your students, this book is also great for you.

The hardest part about getting a child to learn is making sure that the lessons are active and engaging. This can be particularly difficult when it comes to language lessons if the child has no immediate need to speak the language. When you teach a child a language, you must also recognize what words and phrases are useful and appropriate for their everyday lives and prioritize that. Most beginner’s language books include topics like “Checking into a hotel”, “Paying your phone bill” or other useful things for day-to-day living as an adult. The problem is these lessons are absolutely irrelevant in a child’s life.

"The hardest part about getting a child to learn is making sure that the lessons are active and engaging."

That’s why The Everything Kids’ Learning Spanish Book is such a great tool. Author Cecilia Sojo not only understands how to teach Spanish; she also understands children. Sojo knows what kids like and what words and phrases they need to learn.

Sojo has made the book as interactive and fun as a Spanish language book for kids can be. She’s included all kinds of fun games, puzzles, and lessons. This Spanish book also includes silly phrases that will have your students rolling on the floor.

This book is a great way to help your child start learning Spanish. The Everything Kids Learning Spanish Book will peak their interest in learning Spanish and create a great base to help them jumpstart their learning. Additionally, the book comes with a parent/teacher guide to help you better help your child or student. This comprehensive guide can even help parents with little to no teaching experience to facilitate a child’s learning. This book has many engaging activities and lessons that will let you coast your way through teaching while keeping your students fully entertained.

I would highly recommend this book to young learners with absolutely no knowledge of the language. Initially, it can be used on its own or you can even use it in conjunction with a more serious and grammar-heavy Spanish book for kids. The best thing about this book is that kids who use it truly do start to love learning the language. In time you will begin to see quick progress in your young students or your son or daughter.



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