Collin's Easy Learning Spanish Verbs and Practice
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  • Collin's Easy Learning Spanish Verbs and Practice
  • Rob Scriven
  • Published by: Harper Collins
  • Level: Beginner
  • First Published in:

Collin's Easy Learning Spanish Verbs and Practice is a beginner level course book that teaches students everything they need to know about Spanish verbs. While working with this book, students will go over activities related to verb conjugation, prepositions linked to verbs, verbal idioms and much more.

Review posted: 28/11/2013
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Learning and teaching grammar is a tough task. I chose Collin's Spanish Verbs & Practice from the piles of titles in the book shop (this book is published in the UK) because I wanted as many exercises as possible to practice grammar. Simply reading about Spanish grammar rules is not enough to reinforce the concept so practice, practice, practice is key. To put it simply, the book follows through on the promise of its title. Working with this book you learn about verbs, and you get to practice using them – simple, and effective, as that.

The book is split into chapters that each deal with different verb structures, starting with the present tenses and ending with prepositions after verbs, and verbal idioms. At the beginning is a glossary of grammar terms which is useful if you are just starting to study a language – terms like conjugation and conditional may be common knowledge for a teacher but beginners need help to understand them before working through the book. The book ends with verb tables - the addition of example phrases is particularly helpful.

At the start of each chapter is an explanation of the verb structure in English and a set of examples in Spanish where the verbs are used. The conjugation of the verbs comes next, then a set of “Test Yourself” exercises. To stop you from falling into common grammar traps there are “Tip” boxes that remind you of issues that commonly confuse learners. “Key Points” reinforce the most important facts about the grammar described in the chapter. If you want to continue with a more advanced practice there is a “Grammar Extra” section that is intended for use as a pointer to more complicated grammatical structures.

"This course book is versatile as you can work your way through the text in order, or study a section individually when you need to. There are cross references in each lesson to help you find other sections of the book with further information."

This is not a glossy, expensive course book designed to give you the full learning experience. The paper is low quality and while it is clearly presented, the book looks like a school exercise book rather than a Spanish course book. However, it is unlikely that you would pick this title if you wanted to learn Spanish for a vacation, or to find a lot of listening exercises. This is an economical choice for practicing verbs to improve your Spanish, whether you are learning the language at school, work or at home.

Collin's Spanish Verbs & Practice is written in an accessible style that cuts out jargon and helps you understand the concepts easily. The examples used for the exercises are natural and well-constructed – you don’t feel confused as the author tries to stuff a sentence full of unusual verb structures for the sake of practice. The vocabulary is kept simple so you focus on verbs and grammar.

The book is designed to be used alongside the Collin's Easy Learning Spanish Dictionary, although you do not need to use this dictionary in order to benefit from the book. There are other titles in the series including an exercise book for practicing other grammatical structures.

If you are looking for an exercise and practice book then Collin's Spanish Verbs & Practice is ideal. You get tons of exercises that help reinforce grammatical concepts. If you’re looking for a more complete course book with reading and spoken activities then you will be disappointed. There are no images in the book and no cultural notes or additional information so you will need additional materials if you want a more rounded learning experience



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