Korean For Dummies
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  • Korean For Dummies
  • Jungwook Hong, Wang Lee
  • Published by: Wiley Publishing
  • Level: Beginner
  • First Published in: 2008

With this book you can start speaking Korean the fun and easy way. It is a no-nonsense guide to Korean culture and the basics of Korean language. You will pick up basic phrases and commonly used words so that you can converse with Koreans in both business and personal situations. Exercises will jog your memory and reinforce everything that you learn.

REVIEW BY Chris Saldana Book EXPERT
Review posted: 11/12/2013
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The For Dummies series of books is known for always explaining things well and effectively for all people to understand. Hence, for Dummies, and Korean For Dummies is no exception. The book takes learning Korean, a quite challenging language, and presents it in a simpler and more understandable fashion. It’s almost as if the book caters to all kinds of learners, especially those who are starting from square one.


Korean for Dummies, like all the books in this series, follows the same easy flow and has the same features as the other books. If you’ve enjoyed learning from one book in this series, then this one should also catch your interest. Throughout its 5 parts and over 20 chapters, there is a lot of information covered. This book offers plenty of information to help students understand the Korean language and culture as well as a variety of tips on how to speak Korean with ease.

The book covers the basics such as common phrases to use while dining out, shopping, and travelling; it even includes some advice on things to avoid saying in certain situations and some casual phrases to use in order to sound more “Korean”. There are also sections throughout the book labeled as “icons” which provide the reader with important tips and useful information. These “icons” consist of cultural notes, language tips, and even warnings (e.g. things to avoid doing while in Korea).

"The book takes a more communication based approach which encourages students to focus more on their speaking and listening skills."

The book aims to teach the reader how to speak Korean and how to understand the grammar without actually going over rules or working on repetitive exercises. The book takes a more communication based approach which encourages students to focus more on their speaking and listening skills. Since this book is designed for learners who are just starting out, most of the material in the book is written in Romanized Korean with little to no attention placed on learning Hangul. The book is long (around 400 pages) and the chapters as a whole do not follow a specific structure. Throughout the book plenty of explanations, examples and audio dialogues are provided to help students become familiar with the language.


· The information in this book can be used by beginner to intermediate students.

· Romanized Korean scripts make it easy for beginners to work on proper pronunciation.

· Many formal and informal phrases are explained.

· The book aims to help students work on their speaking and listening skills.


· Very heavy on text and not many images or pictures.

· More of an informational book rather than your usual language book.

· The book does not teach students how to read or write using the Korean alphabet.

Recommended For:

· Anyone planning to go to Korea for an extended period of time.

· Absolute beginner students who want to take the first steps in learning Korean.

· Learners who don’t mind reading through a lot of text.

Overall, Korean For Dummies can teach you the basics of the language as well as many useful expressions that will have you speaking Korean easily and effortlessly. The book is organized in a simple manner and the charts and pronunciation guides make it easy to improve both your listening and speaking skills. Korean For Dummies truly is a fun and easy way to learn the basics of Korean.



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