Japanese Verbs at A Glance
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  • Japanese Verbs at A Glance
  • Naoko Chino
  • Published by: Kodansha International
  • Level: Intermediate
  • First Published in: 2001

For some students, learning the technical aspects of a language helps them understand and absorb the information a bit better. For students like these, a book like Japanese Verbs at a Glance is a good book to turn to. This course book offers everything students need to know about verbs, grammar tenses, and common Japanese expressions.

REVIEW BY Chris Saldana Book EXPERT
Review posted: 28/01/2014
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Japanese Verbs at a Glance is not what one would call a usual textbook, but it is more of a reference book to help students gain better insight on how Japanese grammar is used. It’s definitely a book that strictly focuses on grammar. There are only 4 chapters in the book but each chapter is quite long; along with focusing on grammar the book also helps students give suggestions and advice, express regret, and most importantly learn how to use verbs according to specific situations. The structure of the book is designed to help students learn how to express themselves in formal and informal situations. There is a lot of focus placed on polite forms, since verbs can change according to the person you are speaking to. The book also goes over passive voice, the causative form, and transitive/intransitive pairs.

Japanese Verbs at a Glance provides plenty of examples in English and Japanese as well as dialogues which are written out phonetically. Sometimes the book is a bit too focused on the details of specific grammar points and I personally feel that the book doesn’t place enough attention on how to use the language in a real life context. If you’re looking to prepare for an exam or practice your writing skills, perhaps this book would suit you. The book provides many examples, dialogues and detailed explanations for each grammar point so it can be useful if you’re looking to improve on these language points.


· The book offers very detailed explanations throughout the book which cover many grammar points.

· The book focuses on polite and casual verb forms.


· Contains some extremely technical verb patterns learners may not be familiar with (Causative, Volitional verbs, etc.).

· The chapters are completely made up of text and charts.

· The book does not provide any activities.

Recommended For

· Self-study students.

· Students who are preparing for a Japanese proficiency exam.

· Students who need a complementary course book for an upper intermediate or advanced course.

Overall, this book is good if you are preparing for an exam or if you’re used to learning a language through drills, charts, and memorization based activities. If you’re more of an open environment learner who likes to learn through more task based and interactive activities then this book may not suit you. Depending on your wants and needs, Japanese Verbs at a Glance can be a perfect aid to help you gain a better understanding of Japanese verbs and grammar. I would recommend this book for test preparation or as complementary material for more advanced level courses.



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