Contatto 2
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  • Contatto 2
  • Rosella Bozzone Cosa, Chiara Ghezzi, Monica Piantoni
  • Published by: Loescher Editore
  • Level: Intermediate
  • First Published in: 2008

This textbook is the second part of the series and it is specifically designed for Intermediate level students. Contatto 2 is perfect for classroom use and it helps students develop their language skills while focusing on listening comprehension.

Review posted: 10/01/2014
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Congratulations! You’ve gained some pretty solid Italian skills and you want to move on to the next level. It’s great to become well versed in a language, but the one downfall is that the better you get at a language, the less language learning books there are. When you’re just a beginner, there are an endless number of books to help you start learning a language, but there are a lot fewer books for slightly more advanced students. Luckily, we’ve found one great book and audio set for students like you or the students you teach. Contatto 2 is a good choice for you.

Many times, intermediate language books become dull and the layouts are quite bland. This is not the case with Contatto 2; the book is still thoughtfully laid out and it has a smattering of colorful pictures in each unit to make lessons slightly more engaging. Each lesson includes things like filling in tables, labeling things, reading inserted articles, multiple choice questions and so on. This may not sound very different from the standard language book, but trust me, the look and layout makes it feel different. Good graphics may not help you learn a language, but they may help you keep your eyes focused on the book.

"The audio CDs make for great homework assignments while you can have students work from the book at home or in the classroom."

This book and audio set works great in a classroom; in fact, it’s quite a standard classroom-type book. It’s likely the book was designed for a classroom setting rather than a self-study program, but you could probably use it for both, particularly since there is an audio CD to help you learn to identify and mimic proper pronunciation. As a teacher, whether you teach full classes or one-on-one lessons, you can easily use this book and audio set to plan lessons in an orderly manner for your student(s). The audio CDs make for great homework assignments while you can have students work from the book at home or in the classroom. If you choose to use this book with your students, be sure that they really don’t need any instruction in English as the entire book is in Italian. Your students should feel completely competent when it comes to following basic instructions in Italian.

If you are studying the book alone, then you will probably need to keep an Italian-English dictionary handy as there are no vocabulary lists. You may also want to get a notebook just for writing down new vocabulary words learned in the book. If you are a teacher using this book with your students, you may want to advise your students to do the same. Learning without vocabulary lists can be quite difficult.

Overall, the book Contatto 2 is a great book and audio set to help students learn intermediate Italian. As a student, you will have a much better handle on Italian if you stick with the book and use the audio CDs to help you improve your auditory comprehension.



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