Practice Makes Perfect: German Verb Tenses
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  • Practice Makes Perfect: German Verb Tenses
  • Astrid Henschel
  • Published by: McGraw-Hill
  • Level: Intermediate
  • First Published in: 2006

This course book can be used for self-study or group lessons; while working with this book, students will focus entirely on exercises related to German verb tenses, conditionals, irregular verbs, and much more.

Review posted: 16/01/2014
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Mastering grammar of one’s own native language can be very difficult; mastering grammar of a foreign language can be well near impossible! Unlike vocabulary and overall comprehension, grammar isn’t usually just absorbed by listening and speaking with others. As a student, you really have to study the laws and rules of grammar in order to master it all. So how do you best do that? Well, books like Practice makes Perfect German Verb Tense can help you!

This 274 page book is structured in a way to help you tackle one of the hardest parts of grammar- proper verb tense. Starting with conjugation of the present tense and ending with “Conditional Sentences” this three part book has covered everything you need to know about verbs.

Each chapter starts out with a basic explanation. In the case of the first chapter, the student first reads a section on “Usage of Present Tense” accompanied by some example sentences. Next, the book explains it in detail, breaking down the use of personal pronouns and verb position. After reading all of this and their accompanying examples, the book provides a few exercises. In total, there are five exercises all requiring the student to form his/her own sentences fulfilling the stated requirement. Next, the book goes on to explain “Formation of the Present Tense”. This section provides an extensive list of examples in singular and plural form.

"This book makes teaching German grammar to students quite easy. There’s no need to provide additional exercises or write your own content; everything is included!"

Afterwards, there are ten more exercises, most of which are fill in the blank. Each chapter is about 15-18 pages long, giving the reader extensive instruction as well as ample practice time. The answers can be found at the end of the book, making it possible to use this book either in self-study or a classroom situation. At the end of the book you will find useful appendixes that even intermediate students will appreciate.

This book makes teaching German grammar to students quite easy. There’s no need to provide additional exercises or write your own content; everything is included! At most, you may need to give your students a few extra exercises that are just “more of the same thing” so that you really know they’ve got the hang of each concept, but real creativity is required on the part of the teacher. Because of the thorough nature of this book, teachers will reduce prep time for each class, and that’s something every teacher loves! This book is meaty enough to last an entire academic year – another great bonus!

Overall, this is a great grammar book that can help you or your students to grasp all of the essential elements of German grammar. And like the title says, Practice Makes Perfect German Verb Tense; if you are dedicated to using this book you should improve your German grammar in no time.



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