Language to go: Elementary
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  • Language to go: Elementary
  • Simon Le Maisre and Carina Lewis
  • Published by: Pearson Longman
  • Level: Beginner
  • First Published in: 2002

Language to go's flexible structure and resources allow teachers to plan lessons that suit their adult learners' hectic lifestyles and delivers the results they demand. The lessons in this book go over key grammar points, vocabulary, listening comprehension activities, and writing exercises related to both business and routine activities.

REVIEW BY Chris Saldana Book EXPERT
Review posted: 28/01/2014
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The Language to go series of books is one that truly sticks to its name. It is a book that teaches language, literally, to go. Whether you’re going to a shop, restaurant, airport, or anywhere that would have people speaking English, this book teaches necessary and convenient phrases.The elementary book of the series is the perfect tool for teaching elementary students some English language to go.


The Language to go course books are a joy to use for teaching and I could only imagine that they’re a joy to learn from too. They have a simple layout of 40 units, consisting of two pages each. These units give full explanations of important language skills with help from illustrations, color coded text and engaging exercises. The units cover simple themes like social life, telephone conversations, hobbies/interests and everything else in between; students will surely be pleased with the large amount of subject material included.

"Whether you’re going to a shop, restaurant, airport, or anywhere that would have people speaking English, this book teaches necessary and convenient phrases."

Each unit also has a “Get Talking + Writing” section at the end to practice speaking (or writing if you’re alone) the information that was introduced in the unit. Students will also find a “Language To Go” box at the end of each unit which give extra examples of what was worked on in the unit accompanied by charming illustrations. What’s also great about the book is that even though it focuses on British English, it has some parts that teach American words or phrases, in case learners come across these terms. The listening activities are a bit long and fast-paced, but this can be good if you want to challenge your students and get them to improve their listening skills early on.

The book also comes with some great resources like the grammar reference, pair/group work activities and the homework practice activities –all found at the end of the book. The convenient pocket phrasebook that also comes with the book is also very useful for students who want a quick reference to the language covered in the book.


· Lots of fun activities/quizzes for group and pair work.

· Visually appealing book that has lots of pictures, interesting material and an attractive look.

· Every unit includes a wide variety of useful language to use in different places/situations.


· Listening may be a bit difficult and long at times but nevertheless a good challenge.

· A pretty high text to picture ratio (for an elementary level text) that may scare some elementary learners who are easily intimidated.

Recommended For

· Anyone wanting to study Elementary level English, as this book is perfect for teenagers and adults.

· More ambitious elementary students since the book is a little more challenging than your average elementary level book.

Overall this book is wonderful. It teaches English in an effective way while tying the topics together with fun activities. The book offers more than enough activities to help students practice their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. Language to Go Elementary is a great book that will get the average elementary student ready for the next level seamlessly.



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