English Know It All 1
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  • English Know It All 1
  • Seann Snyder, Shawn McClelland
  • Published by: Oxford
  • Level: Beginner
  • First Published in: 2006

This book is a three-level reading-based course that consists of thematic units built around important curricular subject areas: The Body, Animals, Jobs, Space, The Seasons, Transportation, Geography, and Cultures. The treatment of each theme gets deeper as the series progresses.

REVIEW BY Chris Saldana Book EXPERT
Review posted: 16/12/2013
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English Know It All is a series of course books that’s specially designed for young students (ages 9-12) who already have a solid foundation in the language. The book focuses on a number of topics that effectively grab students’ attention while aiming to develop their reading and writing skills.


Each lesson in English Know it All begins with an introductory reading activity followed by some discussion questions. Throughout each unit there is also a mixture of listening activities, reading exercises, writing portions, and plenty of group work. Each lesson is different, as far as the structure and variety of the activities go, but a similar rhythm and flow is maintained throughout the entire book.

"The book has 8 units which focus on a number of subjects and themes that will capture young learners’ attention."

English Know It All 1 upon first glance consists of several reading comprehension activities which help students learn new vocabulary and develop their speaking skills. The book is pretty thin (around 70 pages) but it contains lots of quizzes, group activities, and reading exercises to help students advance in their language level. The book has 8 units which focus on a number of subjects and themes that will capture young learners’ attention. In each unit students will work on lessons relating to animals, the weather/seasons, the body, and outer space (just to name a few). The book also follows the story of three young children from different countries that go on adventures which relate to the exercises and topics in each unit. This book also includes plenty of surveys, critical thinking exercises, and group discussions to encourage students to express themselves.


· The book is visually appealing and it has an equal balance of pictures and text.

· There are many practice tests and review sections after every few units; this is perfect for helping students retain the information they have learned.

· The story of the 3 children grabs and maintains the students’ attention throughout all of the 8 units.


· Plenty of reading activities, but very few speaking exercises.

· Many of the lessons focus on topics related to science which may not be too appealing to certain students.

Recommended For:

· Large classes of at least 8 students.

· Young learners, preferably those between the ages of 9-12.

· Students who prefer working in groups or pairs.

· Elementary and middle school ESL teachers.

Overall, this book is quite good for classroom use. It has got interesting units, a helpful workbook with challenging homework activities, and lots of activities that challenge students and encourage them to express themselves while working in a group. Every unit is different and each lesson offers students a fun and interesting approach to learning English. I would highly recommend this book to ESL teachers who give classes to pre intermediate level young learners.



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