Business English 10 Communication Secrets
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  • Business English 10 Communication Secrets
  • John A. Doorbar
  • Published by: GWI
  • Level: Advanced
  • First Published in: 2002

This engaging course book teaches ESL students how to express themselves and communicate with others in the workplace. While working with this book, students will focus on activities related to business letter writing, holding meetings, giving presentations, telephone etiquette, and a number of other related topics.

REVIEW BY Charline Mae Bolito Book EXPERT
Review posted: 03/12/2013
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As an English instructor, I make sure that my students get the chance to use what they learn from my class in a real life context. Studying grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary is simply not enough if my students cannot apply their English skills in their day to day life. Last week, I decided to search for a Business English book for my upcoming lessons. When I came across the book Business English: 10 Communication Secrets, I decided to evaluate the material to see if it would be suitable for my students.

The book is divided into two main sections and the first section starts out by working with a story. The first part tells the story of a wise old man giving practical tips and suggestions to the new manager, Adreas Blunt. The other half provides a detailed explanation of the 10 secrets of business communication which is a list of important communication techniques that help readers improve their communication skills when interacting with co-workers, giving presentations, writing, having telephone conversations, and dealing with cultural awareness. In these two sections dialogues, reading activities, vocabulary/key phrases are provided; the content in the book focuses on communication methods which can be applied in the workplace but I must mention that the chapters do not offer any actual language activities for students to work on.

Content wise, the book offers useful tips to help students effectively communicate with others depending on whether they are in a corporate setting, private functions, and informal events. My only problem with this book is that it lacks organization and coherence. The book doesn’t seem to follow a specific structure and the exercises are somewhat difficult to follow.When it comes to the way the lessons are presented, some students, especially beginners, may find it difficult to comprehend the lessons. The book tends to focus more on the factors that affect communication like culture, ideas, and non-verbal communication instead of presenting language lessons that will help users actually learn Business English communication skills. One could say that this isn’t an actual course book but more of a manual for Business people. Another thing that I noticed is that most of the lessons are presented in a German business setting. Considering this cultural difference, some people might find it hard to relate to the contents of the book.

"My only problem with this book is that it lacks organization and coherence. The book doesn’t seem to follow a specific structure and the exercises are somewhat difficult to follow."

Overall, I think this book is suitable for those who have advanced English skills. If you are a professional adult who is interested in improving your communication skills and apply them in the workplace, this is the book for you. Although the book is quite informative I must point out that the book does not offer any grammar activities or any detailed explanations on how to start or effectively carry out a dialogue in a business setting. If you are a teacher like me who is looking for a good Business English book suitable for beginner to intermediate students this book might be too complex. I would however, recommend this book to advanced self-study learners or adult professionals who already have a solid knowledge of the language.



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