Basic Chinese: A Grammar and Workbook
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  • Basic Chinese: A Grammar and Workbook
  • Yip Po-Ching and Don Rimmington
  • Published by: Routledge
  • Level: Beginner
  • First Published in: 2009

Basic Chinese is great introductory course for any absolute beginner student. Each chapter in the book helps students learn the language by working on activities which put all four language skills to use while. This book is great for students who would like to get past the basics and move on to the intermediate level.

Review posted: 20/01/2014
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If you want to learn Mandarin Chinese, you may not be sure how to go about it. You may know some basic phrases, but how do you get to the next level? In order to go beyond basic phrasebook Chinese, it’s best to study all the elements: speaking, listening, vocabulary-building, reading, writing, and grammar. While you may not be able to find workbooks and study materials that encompass all of these aspects, you can find specific books that will help you get started on each component. Basic Chinese: A Grammar and Workbook is your go-to book for getting a hang of beginner’s Chinese grammar.

The book is divided into twenty-five units, each which addresses specific grammatical concepts. In Unit 21, for example, the book looks at “Complements of direction and location or destination”. The unit starts by explaining what is meant by the concept topic and then introduces the verbs “to come” and “to go”, explaining their usage. After more grammatical explanation and vocabulary is given, the book presents the reader with a few examples. The explanation, vocabulary and examples goes on for five full pages, assuring that the student will have a firm grasp on the concept prior to starting the exercises. The exercises are a combination of fill-in-the-blank, translation, and sentence construction. Unlike other books, each unit is thorough and long enough to study for more than a few days. This will allow the material to really sink in.

This book uses both Chinese characters and Romanization to help you learn the words necessary for your grammar lessons. Unlike other books which may only show the Romanized version of the words in the beginning, this book carries it throughout to the end. While there is no emphasis on memorizing the new characters found in each chapter, it would be beneficial for any serious student to spend ample time studying the characters presented.

"Unlike other books, each unit is thorough and long enough to study for more than a few days. This will allow the material to really sink in."

At the end of the book, there is a vocabulary list which covers just about every word learned in the book. Following the vocabulary is a glossary defining “grammatical words”, particularly in the Chinese context. This is a helpful reference for anyone who may not really be familiar with the laws of grammar of one’s own language.

Overall, Basic Chinese: A Grammar and Workbook is a great book to get a solid understanding of Mandarin grammar. With 25 units and 379 pages of learning material, the book is a good choice for students learning with a teacher or independently. Better still, it continues just where you left off in Intermediate Chinese: A Grammar and Workbook. Having this kind of continuity between books is an extra bonus for anyone who wants to perfect Mandarin.



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