Caner Dzhenko Ceylan EXPERT He was born in 1983, in Silistra, Bulgaria. In 1989, his family immigrated to Turkey. After finishing high school in Istanbul, he went to Sofia, Bulgaria, to study Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Sofia. He did his master’s degree in Business Information Systems at the University of Westminster, London, UK. His job experience includes working as Technical Analyst at British Telecommunication and as IT Analyst and Office Administrator at Experian. Since 2006, he has been writing articles about cinema, football, and mostly basketball for different Turkish websites as a freelance writer. Whatever job he has had, he has never given up writing, because writing is his passion. He does not only write articles about sport and cinema, but also about poems and short stories. He loves sharing his opinions and feelings with people. His other passion is cinema, from the silent era to modern times. Also, music, books, snowboarding, and chess are indispensable in his life. Twitter: