Justina Poðkevièiûtë EXPERT · 5 Reviews ·
She comes from a small village in Lithuania and greatly enjoys writing: blogging about her travels, analyzing political phenomena, or… anything else, really! Although her academic background is in the social sciences and the humanities – specifically, political science and film studies, which she studied in three countries across North America and Europe –, she has always been fascinated by literature and by the vivid literary worlds that books have the power to create. Naturally, the same goes for other forms of art. At the same time, she thinks it’s incredible how one can find different themes while deconstructing a piece of artistic creation, and how different theories lead to different interpretations – all equally valid – of a work of art. On top of that, as someone whose native tongue is only spoken by around four million people, she is truly glad to introduce Lithuanian culture to anyone interested.