Business Language Classes

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Business Language Courses

We offer all types of language training from General Survival Courses (for people with no previous knowledge traveling to a country for the first time) to Technical Courses (for doctors or engineers, for example, who need very specialised language), Exam Preparation Courses (for people who need to pass a particular exam to enter university or to apply for a particular job), to Business Courses for people who need to learn the language of work.
Business courses for beginners can cover
the real basics:

In addition to what you would learn in a General Course, you would also learn how to talk about your job, how to answer the phone/make phone calls/send emails/introduce yourself etc in a businesslike way, as well as learn about the business practices and culture of the target country. For intermediate students, you may learn formal letterwriting skills, presentations skills, practice negotiating, and how to conduct an entire meeting in your target language. Very advanced students may wish to perfect their pronunciation, enrich their vocabulary and iron out their remaining writing mistakes in order to work full-time in the language of acquisition.

  On all our course and destination pages, you will find more information about our General and Business courses and pricing information.

Please note that we charge slightly more for Business Courses than for General Courses because the course materials are slightly more expensive and, more importantly, we try to use trainers with some business experience of their own, or at least considerable experience of teaching Business language courses.

Please contact us with any questions regarding our courses or complete our Training Needs Analysis so we can send you a tailormade quotation for you or your organization.