Students come together, Beatles a strong ESL favorite


Being a bit of a Beatles fanatic, I was very happy to find this interesting infographic from They treated the legendary Beatles album Abbey Road as a linguistic corpus – that is, a body of words. By doing this, they can analyze things like the most often-used words, words per song, compare the songs on side A to those on side B, and so on.

However, it also reveals just why Beatles songs can be (and often are) used as teacher’s aids for those teaching English as a second language. Not only are the songs catchy and easy on the ear, but so is the vocabulary.

Here’s the full infographic (credit to the blog):

It reveals that 91.36% of all the words on Abbey Road are found in the General Service List. The GSL is a list of the 2,000 most frequently used English words, which are considered to be useful for all learners of International English.

So if you know someone who might need a little Help! with their vocabulary, buy them a CD (sorry, that’s terrible).