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Before contacting us, you need to know:
  1. the word count of your document (how many words is it - you can easily find this out in Word);

  2. the source language (which language is your document in now);

  3. the target language (which language do you want us to translate it into);

  4. the type of language (is your document technical, legal, literary or just general language);

  5. and how quickly you need the translation.

Translation Services

The directors of Language Trainers also run a translation agency, Translation Central, which can offer you speedy document and website translations from any language into English and from English into any other language, plus a very wide combination of other language pairs.
Each translation is done by a qualified translator who is also a native speaker of the target language (i.e. if your original document is in English and you need it translated into French, that means the target language is French, so your translator will be a native of a French-speaking country who is also proficient in English) according to a timescale agreed with you.

Our prices are among the most reasonable you can find as, although we pay our translators the market rate, we do not feel the need to overcharge our clients. This is similar to our approach to language courses where you will find, or have already found, that our prices provide the best value-for-money in the marketplace.

We do charge slightly more for non-general texts as we clearly need to use translators who are specially trained and experienced with that kind of language (also, it takes longer for the translator to translate these kinds of texts), and the timescale is very important as if you are able to wait a bit longer, we can offer you a much better price (the reason for this is that, if you have a very short deadline, we normally need to take a translator away from another less urgent job and there is more stress involved). However, you will also find that the bigger the document (the more words it is), the better our rates are.

  For more information and an instant quote (in US Dollars, Euros or Pounds Sterling), please see our site Translation Central.

You can just get a quotation but if you are happy with it, you can actually upload your document and make payment straight away using our online payment form.

Or if you have questions, you would prefer to discuss by telephone, please call:
• 1-866-85-LINGO (1-866-85-54646) in the USA or Canada
• 0870 760 73 73 in the UK
• 01 440 39 78 in Ireland
• +44 870 760 73 73 in other countries

Or email us on