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Group Language Courses

We offer both Individual language courses and Group language courses. For Group courses you can choose between a Closed Group where you arrange your own group of colleagues, friends, family members or an Open Group where we arrange the other group members.
A group can consist of as few as two people up to a maximum of 12 people in one class.

(We do not rule out teaching larger groups of up to 16 for organization with very limited budgets but we do not recommend this in most situations as the amount of personal attention each participant can receive in a typical two-hour session is extremely short).


Unlike Individual courses where there can be a lot more flexibility in terms of course day and time (as these can easily be agreed between the student and the trainer at the end of each preceding session), Group courses usually have a fixed day and time each week as otherwise it can be very difficult for the trainer and ALL the participants to find a convenient time otherwise.

In group classes, there are two other significant issues to consider:

All participants need to have approximately the same level (for complete Beginners, this is not a problem), otherwise some people will find it too slow and others may not be able to keep up.
For this reason, we have a very simple, Online Level Test for the major languages so that we can test an organization's employees very quickly and efficiently.

Where the levels are quite different, we recommend splitting the group into two or more smaller groups so that participants can make the most effective use of their time.

Please contact us if you would like an initial test for your personnel.


Also, all participants need to have approximately the same language needs and aims so that the material covered will be of interest to all.

This is not usually a problem and is something which is covered by our trainers in the first session where students can explain what they wish to cover and a group consensus is reached on the learning plan for the rest of the course.

On all our course and destination pages, you will find more information about our individual and group courses and pricing information.

Please note that we charge slightly more for Group courses than for Individual courses because we need to arrange course materials for each participant and there is generally more administration.

Please contact us with any questions regarding our courses or complete our Training Needs Analysis so we can send you a tailormade quotation for you or your organization.