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Arabic Courses

Arabic Classes with native Arabic Tutors

The language of most of the Middle East and large areas of North Africa, Arabic is the most employed Semitic language in the world. 280 million people speak the language natively and another 250 million as a secondary language. Interestingly, most educated Arabic speakers will learn Classical Arabic (the literary Arabic form) as well as their regional dialect, and will switch between the two depending on who they're talking to. The upshot of this is that learning Classical Arabic is enough to be able to communicate with over 530 million people worldwide!

Language Trainers is happy to organize Arabic courses in many destinations!

All classes are taught by qualified, native speaker Arabic trainers* and can be arranged at your office or home** for any day of the week (including weekends) in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Most popular Arabic lessons in Canada:

Arabic courses in Calgary
Arabic courses in Montreal
Arabic courses in Vancouver


Arabic courses in Mississauga
Arabic courses in Toronto

Most popular Arabic lessons in USA:

Arabic courses in Atlanta
Arabic courses in Boston
Arabic courses in Dallas
Arabic courses in Las Vegas
Arabic courses in Miami
Arabic courses in New York
Arabic courses in San Antonio
Arabic courses in San Francisco
Arabic courses in Washington DC


Arabic courses in Baltimore
Arabic courses in Chicago
Arabic courses in Houston
Arabic courses in Los Angeles
Arabic courses in New Orleans
Arabic courses in Philadelphia
Arabic courses in San Diego
Arabic courses in Seattle

*Where a native speaker is not available, your Arabic trainer will be a qualified trainer fluent in and experienced in teaching Arabic - of course, it is your right to refuse a non-native trainer if you so wish.
**If there is a reason why your office or home is not suitable, it may be possible to arrange tuition at the trainer's office.
Arabic Courses in New York and across the USA & Canada
Language Courses for US and Canada-based Corporations and Individuals